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Decorations for a Romantic Bedroom

how to decorate for a romantic bedroom

Home Decorating Tips

Decorations for a Romantic Bedroom

Posted on February 2, 2017

Nothing is more precious than a present that’s handmade and crafted with heart. This Valentine’s, surprise your sweetheart with house decoration ideas fit for the season of love. Try these ideas on the bedroom.

Decide on Design

New house decoration ideas will always require a design theme to unify all the elements. For  Valentines, best if the design theme in mind connects or perfectly captures the nature and state of your relationship with your loved one.

Communicate Through Colors

Touches of red will never fail to tell your partner of your energetic passion for the relationship, while warm or shades on the lighter side paint the room spacious, relaxing and a venue for reconnection.

Bring Out the Finest Fabrics and Keep the Pillow Count to a Minimum

Being the main fixture of the room, the bed has to have its own ensemble of musts. First off, create a feeling of splendour with the softest sheets and fabrics that you have. Make sure that these sheets connect with the overall color scheme of the room. Or better yet, have your bed dictate what set of colors to dress your room up with and what vibe to go with.

Beds will never be complete without fluffy pillows! But for the day of hearts, best to keep the pillow count down to two. After all, no pillow would compare to the softness and warmth of cuddling your sweetheart.

Create Drama with Draperies and Lighting

Matching your design and color theme, nice drapes and strategic lighting should complete the mood you’re going for. For a neutral color scheme, thin, flowing curtains with lots of natural light make for a graceful and ethereal vibe.

For an intimate feel to the room, pick thick and dark draperies with mood lights.

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