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5 Coffee Shop Wall Art Ideas to Try

Check out coffee shop wall design ideas for your business today.

Home Decorating Tips

5 Coffee Shop Wall Art Ideas to Try

Posted on November 9, 2021

Brewing up plans for a coffee shop in your neighborhood? You definitely want to make them stand out from the rest of your competition. And there’s no better place to start than with your shop’s interiors, particularly the walls.

When it comes to coffee shops or any other business, first impressions matter, and you want your place to look good, so people have a reason to go back for more coffee and enjoy its ambiance. Take note of these coffee shop wall design ideas for your budding business and get ready with your cups of joe for your customers.

1. Set up a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a group of photos, artwork, or decor that have been strategically placed or hung onto a wall to reflect a space’s aesthetic. If you manage to have lots of coffee-related wall art or even decor, a gallery wall that fits the shop’s theme can be beneficial for the business.

Apart from serving as a focal point of the space, an eye-catching and well-planned gallery wall can be the subject of an Instagram photo or two. You can also switch up the items you’ll be putting up for seasonal events. For example, if Christmas is around the corner, you can swap some of your current art or decor with holiday-related pieces.

To start on a gallery wall for your coffee shop, you want to have art pieces or decor that match the aesthetic of your overall space on-hand. You can either look for them in online shops or sales, or even make your own. Don’t forget tools like hammers and nails, and other materials like frames or lights that can highlight the decor.

Before you set-up, you would want to finalize the layout of the gallery wall too. While you have all the artistic freedom to set up your own gallery wall, you wouldn’t want it to look messy or cluttered.

Measure first the total amount of space you’ll be working with to know how many pieces you can fit in it. Determine as well how much space you can allot in between each item. Meticulous planning can help you come up with a layout that you’re sure to love, and reduce the back-and-forth that may occur when you keep swapping pieces with each other.

2. Beautify brick walls.

A lot of coffee shops nowadays are going for the farmhouse aesthetic with brick walls to match. If the space of your new coffee shop happens to have brick walls laid into the foundation, use them to your advantage.

You can simply highlight them or paint on them, and then just modify the surface with a couple of lights, plants, or decor here and there. Don’t forget to change it up as well during holidays and events! With revamped brick walls, you can definitely save some money and allot the money you planned for decorating into your other expenses.

3. Maximize the space with mirrors.

If your space is quite small, you can use mirrors of different shapes and sizes to your advantage. In homes, mirrors are often used to give the illusion of space, and the same principle can be applied to a coffee shop too.

While you can go to a hardware store near you to check out mirrors for your shop, there’s no harm in looking for secondhand or even vintage items from sellers in your area. Afterward, plan how you would set them up in the same way as you would do a gallery wall.

4. Go all out with a mural.

You can also opt to hire an artist who can draw you a mural. This coffee shop wall painting idea can be great if you have a blank wall, which serves as a great canvas.

A mural that matches the shop’s interiors can highlight your business’ origins and/or goals, or even better, highlight the community it is in. Just like a gallery wall, it can serve as your coffee shop’s main focal point, and be an amazing subject for many photos.

5. Try multi-panel art.

Another way to decorate your coffee shop’s walls would be through panels that can form one central image, word, or phrase that match your shop’s vibe. If you’re fortunate enough to already have art pieces that achieve this goal, or know someone who can customize them for you, it’s worth trying out!

Just like previous examples, adding multi-panel art to your walls can be your coffee shop’s main attraction or focal point. Expect it to be the subject of many photos too.

Whether you’re going for an industrial, minimalist, vintage, or eclectic look for your coffee shop, with the right wall art, you can turn it into an extraordinary space your customers will love.

Get ready for good brews and awesome conversations with your customers thanks to your well-designed coffee shop. Ready to work on this project of yours? With Island Premium Paints, you can. Thanks to its products, which all come with a Product Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be assured of high-quality finishing jobs that will make your interiors pleasing to the eyes and last for a long time.

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