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Para Sure Tips: White Paint for Walls

minimalist and white paints ideas for your dream home

Home Decorating Tips

Para Sure Tips: White Paint for Walls

Posted on August 7, 2018

White paint for walls? Why not? A favorite among minimalists and Nordic design enthusiasts, white can be that one color that defines your space’s character. If you’re thinking of going white with your interiors, take these para sure measures.

Para Sure Tips: White Paint for Walls

The Color White for Walls

The usual color of simple and pure, white is also a color for class and refined style. Light is amplified with white, that’s why in interior designing, white is the go-to color for creating the illusion of more space. But, depending on how you use it, white can make a room look magical or make it seem cold and chilly.

Not all white paints are fresh and crisp. As with any color, white has an associated temperature, mood and style that you need to consider when putting together a color scheme with white.


Para Sure Tips for Using White Paint on Walls

Para Sure Tips: White Paint for Walls

Thoroughly planning your paint project ensures its success. Before or when you use white paint on walls, consider these points:

  • What’s the plan? White paints come in a spectrum. To find the right white, plan your scheme according to your intention and the mood you’re after. Is it a calming space for thought? A mini gallery of family photos, maybe?
  • Why does white suit your plan? Understand that white may be the driver of your space’s vibe, or it can sink into the background to direct focus on items you want to highlight.
  • How do I pin down the perfect white? The common first mistake is getting caught up on the name of the color, or holding whites against other colors. Understand that light, sheen and surrounding objects add a variety of subtle nuances to your paint.


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