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House Paint Design: Updating an Existing Design

how to paint over old paint

Home Decorating Tips

House Paint Design: Updating an Existing Design

Posted on October 24, 2019

Want to try a new house paint design and give your home a new look? Repaint with Island Premium Paints! Read on for our Para Sure tips for painting over an existing house design.

House Paint Design Tips

In the mood to DIY your house through a brand new paint design? Here are a few handy tips to get the job done!

  • Prep the Work Area: Move away any outdoor furniture or appliance that can be on the way of paint splatters. If the walls you are going to paint on have electrical sockets, it is best to cover them with tape to avoid paint dripping into them.
  • Scrape Off Old Paint: Make sure that your surface is as smooth as possible before applying new paint. Use a paint scraper to remove the peeling layers of paint from the walls you will be working on. This also helps the new paint to properly adhere to the surface.
  • Fill in Wall Cracks and Holes: After removing the layer of peeling paint, filling in the cracks and holes on your walls also helps in giving the new paint you’re using a smoother and more even surface.
  • Clean Walls: Sand down the surface you are going to paint and wipe the walls with a cloth and some soap water. Rinse off the walls with clean water, then wipe it down again to get rid of dirt and grease from the walls.
  • Prime Surfaces: If you want to paint over your previous house paint design, it is best practice to use a primer first. This is particularly true if you want to cover up previously bright or dark-colored walls with a lighter shade. Use a couple of layers of primer paint to ensure that the old house paint design won’t show under the new paint you’re using.
  • Paint and Let Dry: You’re finally ready to create your new house paint design! Give your walls at least two layers of paint for full coverage, and give the paint ample time to dry (preferably overnight).

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