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Chlo-Rub Finish

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Chlo-Rub Finish

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INDUSTRIAL CHLO-RUB FINISH 7900S WHITE is a chlorinated rubber-based finishing paint that exhibit flexibility. Product dries by solvent evaporation, necessitates no oxidation agent, hence, can cure even at extra low ambient temperature.


With such inherent properties, its major application suits coating for cold storage plant and warehouse with substrate temperature nearing 0°C. Also, typically suited to perform better where conventional paints fails on different conditions like area of severe atmospheric pollution, gas plant, sulfide gas staining and piping or on damp environment where mold and fungus growth are prevalent. Known to perform excellent to splash zone of fresh and salt water. With stand intermittent high temperature exposure marginally. (Note: Not recommended for potable water tank coating and swimming pool paint.)


Brush, Roller, Spray


Dry to recoat: 6 hours minimum
Flash Point: 28°C
Normally apply 2 coats over Chlo-Rub Primer for optimum performance. Painting is permissible even at low ambient surface temperature with allowable relative humidity 80% or below.


Approximately 24 sq. m. / gal / coat
Recommended DFT: 45 microns/coat


Top Coat


4L lithographed round can

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Our line of high quality paints and products will give your home or project the vibrancy it needs.

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