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Durable Epoxy Marine Non-Sag Putty

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Durable Epoxy Marine Non-Sag Putty

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Epoxy Marine Non-Sag Putty is a two-component epoxy-polyamide-based compound. It is manufactured to the highest standards to meet the harsh demands of the marine and industrial environment and developed as an excellent patching compound for epoxy and other selected paint systems. It also exhibits bonding strength and tough cured film, which is good on vertical and overhead surfaces upon application.


  • As gap filler especially for sloping, vertical and overhead surfaces of application such as divider wall or ceilings, made of wood, plywood, fiberboard, cement board and many other construction materials.
  • As patching filler for unsound masonry, patch and seal cracked concrete, concrete joint, etc.
  • Also use in marine application as an encapsulation coating for wooden or fiber-casted boat.

  • Mix Part A and B until uniform color is attained.
  • Apply evenly on substrate using a putty knife, plastic, or rubber palette.
    Putty knife, Plastic or Rubber Palette


    20-24 hours


    3-4 sq.m./ liter set @ 1 mm thickness




    2 Liter Set : 1 liter Part A and 1 Liter Part B
    2 Gallon Set: 3.8L Part A and 3.8L Part B

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