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Color Combinations You Should Try This 2020

Home Decorating Tips

Color Combinations You Should Try This 2020

Posted on May 29, 2020

One way to spruce up the vibes of your home is to let it breathe with new paint colors. Swiping on a new layer of color is more than just a repainting chore; it ushers in a fresh, renewed character without having to do major interior design rework. Going for a monotone is a good idea, but being bold enough to do unconventional color combinations promises a fresher, more creative take. Unconventionally bold, unique and chic, surprisingly eclectic — your choice. Yes, combining colors can be daunting but given a guided inspiration, it can also be exciting. Ever imagined blue matching with orange? The options are endless and timeless. Unconventional can be dramatic. Check out the following color combinations you never knew would paint a wow in every home.

Red and Yellow

The feistiness of red, the chirpy vibe of yellow. Put them together and you have a color combination that stands out. It evokes movement bursting with energy that triggers the senses. As this color combination usually induces appetite, it’s best to use this in dining rooms and kitchens.

Light Pink and Navy Blue

It’s a push and pull combination, marrying delicate pinks and strong shades of blue. In character, these colors are contrasting but when put together, they complement perfectly. There’s also a balance of playfulness and seriousness. As it appeals to both genders, light pink and navy blue is perfect for children’s playrooms and study rooms.

Pale Green and Purple

Pale green plus purple equals harmony in contrast. And it’s this contrast that makes it unconventionally magnificent. Imagine lavenders in a field of greens. Nobility and lushness are perfectly captured. For the bold and daring, this color combination can be used in receiving areas where guests are given the, well…royalty treatment.

Pink and Charcoal Gray

Pink and gray is not a very popular color tandem; neither is it a classic combination that comes to mind instantly. For this reason, the twist becomes even more interesting. Gray alone makes it drab, pink alone lacks seriousness. The mature seriousness of gray and the youthful playfulness of pink is a perfect push-and-pull combination.

Purple and Gray

Purple has always been associated with opulence, ambition, and power. Gray on the other hand has that cold, unassuming perception. These two colors when combined, neutralize each other. It fuels an atmosphere of boundless imagination and creativity. Feeling bold enough? Use this palette in your home office.

Black and Yellow

It’s one of the most common combinations, yet very few are brave enough to go for this option. As mysterious as black is, yellow on the other side of the spectrum, is a warm and welcoming color. Bold and easily seen, this color match stimulates mental alertness. Thinking of having a black and yellow backyard kitchen? Nothing’s stopping you.

Gray and Lime Green

Of late, gray ceases to be the drab and dowdy color. It’s the new black that speaks of sophistication and flattery, versatile enough to create a statement when mixed with any hue. Lime green is a perfect color match to gray, with its zesty spirit and splash of freshness. Give your living room a break from the old and traditional colors. Embolden it with gray and lime green.

Blue and Mint Green

Can anything be cooler than this? The calming feels of blue and the soothing freshness of mint green. It’s a subtle reminder of blue skies and verdant mountains, or the beach’s blue waters and palm tree-lined shores. This palette works well in verandas, living rooms and bedrooms – areas when you need to chill and relax.

Mint Yellow and Green

This combination is reminiscent of a field of sunflowers amidst a sea of greens. Warm, chirpy, and inviting, it creates an aura of bliss and joy. If adding a happy vibe is what you’re after in repainting a specific space, this combination gets the job done.

Yellow and Purple

Does this color combo remind you a basketball team? Yup, LA Lakers. Aptly used to exude energy and excitement, yellow and purple is a tandem very unlikely to get unnoticed. A play area or a backyard court makes a perfect canvass for this interesting combo.

The color wheel gives you boundless opportunities to create and discover unconventional color combinations. You can stick to classic, tried and tested hues but it won’t hurt to go a little bold, every now and then. Being creative and imaginative after all, is what painting is all about. Start doing your painting projects with Island Premium Paints. Check out the many paint variants and colors available to your liking. Made to weather our ever-changing Philippine weather and sealed with Product Satisfaction Guarantee, Island Premium Paints is your ideal paint partner. To learn more, visit

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