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Surface Questions: What Outdoor Paints Should You Get?

Home Decorating Tips

Surface Questions: What Outdoor Paints Should You Get?

Posted on January 4, 2019

Itching to give the exterior walls of your home a much-needed makeover? Know what your outdoor paint should do for the different exterior areas of your home.

Outdoor Paint Qualities

Outdoor paint is made differently from interior surface paints, and it is important to learn the difference before purchasing. To give your house that nice, homey outdoor paint, here are the qualities you should look for before buying:

  • Formulation: The advancement of paint technology has made acrylic-based paint that is easy to apply and suitable for almost any surface. Oil-based paint was often previously used by professional painters, and can still be seen used on surfaces like doors and wrought iron gates. Acrylic paint is preferred by many, and for a very good reason: good adhesion, with high resistance to flaking, cracking and chalking.
  • Surface: Choosing the outdoor paint you want is just half the task. Real work begins by making sure that your paint surface is prepped and ready for your outdoor paint. Make sure that the surface is smooth and clean, repairing any holes or cracks on the surface and sanding down rough areas if necessary.
  • Protection: The unpredictable Philippine weather is a real test for your outdoor paint formulation. Outdoor paint that provides protection against UV radiation and fungal growth would be best for the scorching heat and rain showers that the country often experiences. Roofs, in particular, deserve special attention, as these are the home’s first line of defense from various elements.

With the fickle weather that we often experience, why not choose outdoor paint that would provide protection for different conditions? Roofkote from Island Premium Paints is an acrylic, water-based coating with excellent durability and unmatched flexibility.
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