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Christmas Tree Decor Basics

Home Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decor Basics

Posted on January 16, 2017

Christmas is that one occasion that everyone looks forward to every year. So much so, that preparation for it here in the Philippines starts as early as September. There’s the planning of what meals to serve, the saving up or buying of special Christmas presents for loved ones, and, of course, the grand tradition of setting up the Christmas tree.

To help you get everyone into that tingly, exciting Christmas vibe, here are some tree decor tips and suggestions.


The tree is your blank sheet of paper, or your blank wall. Before you can apply color or add ornaments, you’ll want to make sure that it’s prepped and perfect for your intentions.

Here in the Philippines, it’s common to use artificial, collapsible Christmas trees sold at the mall. If you’re one who’s just disposed of last year’s Christmas tree and looking for a new one, make sure that you’re getting a well-shaped tree. Before rushing to the counter with your chosen tree, check that it has a symmetric shape and if the branches completely cover the steel mid-frame.


For most of us, we use stock ornaments for the Christmas tree. But if you’re looking to spice things up this Christmas, consider picking a color scheme to make your tree look cohesive.

  • Red & Green. The classic Christmas color combo works well with gold or silver, and clear lights.
  • White & Blue. There may not be snow in the Philippines but infusing your tree with a white and blue color scheme instantly turns any space into a winter wonderland. For a more winter-cold look, add silver decorations.
  • Shiny metallics such as gold, silver and bronze make for a bright and fun backdrop to ornaments with solid colors.
  • Monochromatic. You can also go for one color and have different shades of it in decoration for visual interest.

Your color scheme has to work with the color scheme of the room where the tree will be positioned, and your theme, if you have one for this Christmas.


Naturally, you’ll want to pick a set of ornaments that’s in line with your color scheme and theme. Going for a winter white color scheme? Hang some snowflake-shaped ornaments or little snowmen on your tree’s branches.

Better yet, start collecting heirloom ornaments. DIY ornaments add personality your tree—and you can even have the kids help you out!


No Christmas tree is complete without lights. In terms of color and bulb shape, you’ll again want to refer to your color scheme. White and off-white lights are the safe choice.

Play with bulb sizes. Who says that you need to have just set of lights in your tree? Mixing big, normal-sized and mini lights adds a cosmic effect to your Christmas tree.

Now before you reach for that fancy bulb set, make sure you know where to find replacement bulbs!


Do not forget about your tree topper, and do not, as well, be limited to the usual star or angel topper. You can with small stuffed toys, a family photo, or even a flower!

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