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For Your Inspiration: Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Posted on March 13, 2017

More or less, we all have the same set of images when we think about children’s bedrooms. They’re colorful, messy with occasional clutter of toys and books, and drawings pasted on walls—basically a space that spells out their energy and curiosity. As we adults do, children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. That’s why it shouldn’t be too hard to get them excited about having a little room redecoration!

Have your child’s bedroom reflect his or her budding personality. Here are some themes for the nursery or your kid’s bedroom.

Tranquil and Timeless

Light, airy rooms with playful details for warmth are key to a timeless kiddie bedroom look. Light tones with big windows should invite light and make the space look like it’s breathing. There’s more space to lounge in, play around, and have your kid’s imagination fly. Carefully placed neutrals should break the light’s intensity and create balance. Don’t forget to position the toy box near the door to encourage tidiness with the toys.

For the Young Traveler

The number one rule in designing bedrooms is for the space to mirror its owner’s personality. Is your child’s favorite color brown? What does he or she love to do?

For the young traveler, a design theme having to do with nature or elements of being around the world would work. So, get your planes, world map posters, or camping inspired bed design out. You might want to set up a small study, for him/her to write his daily and future adventures on.

Fresh, Bright and Happy

Play with natural light and working in bright pops of color to inspire energy and optimism. Make sure that the bed is made extra cosy with an extra throw pillow, or that the dolls have their own space on the bed.

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