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Checklist for Waterproofing Your Home

checklist for waterproofing your home

Home Decorating Tips

Checklist for Waterproofing Your Home

Posted on July 6, 2015

The rainy season is here to stay for a while. Though it may be a little work, preparing your home for the rainy season is a smart effort to put in with our recent history of storms and bad weather. Let’s learn from previous experiences and choose to be ready, safe and sound this time around. Here is a checklist to waterproofing your home.

Look for Leaks

A waterproofing basic is to check sinks, toilets and the like for leaky valves or faucets. Leaks are never a good sign. There are several reasons behind them, one may be due to broken plumbing or that a broken pipe may have cracks that obstruct with the flow and pressure of the water. If you can, trace water lines and check pipes as they come into your home.

Clean Gutter and Downspouts

Even the best of roof drainage systems can be blocked with leaves and debris from trees and other elements in the area. Downspouts may also develop cracks and holes or damages at the joints. To test for clogs and problems, clean your drainage system and use a garden hose to run water through troughs and drains for 10 minutes.

Repair Cracks

Over time, concrete cracks. Aside from being an unsightly mark on your wall, cracks need repairing as water may find its way in and soften your inner walls; potentially causing more problems as they do. If you’re on a limited budget, here are some of the things you can do on your own to waterproof your home: All you need is a knife, a wipe cloth, a concrete caulk and paint to cover up the repair. Island Paints Concretobond is the perfect waterproofing agent for the job. Mixed with cement, Concretobond reinforces your concrete wall with enhanced strength, durability and flexibility.

Trim Trees Nearby

Not only does giving your greens at home a trim beneficial to their health and look, but it can also prevent external damages to your home. Choose to be safe and cut branches hanging over your house or near electrical lines.

Ground Inspection

Observe and inspect the slope of grounds surrounding your home. Water has to run down, away from the house, and drain at a collection point on the street.

Water damage not only causes a lot of problems to the structure of the house and your personal possessions in it, but it also affects the overall value of the property. Painting works and the other finishings in your house is at risk when water leaks become a problem. Waterproofing your home not only saves your valuables but also gives you peace of mind during critical rainy days.

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