Home Decorating Tips

12 Tricks to Brighten & Add More Space to Your Bedroom

easy tricks on how to brighten your bedroom during rainy season

Home Decorating Tips

12 Easy Tricks to Brighten & Add More Space to Your Bedroom

Posted on October 12, 2021

Bothered by the rainy blues and need some sunshine in your life? It’s time to brighten up your bedroom with a couple of changes. This way, even if the weather refuses to cooperate, you can relish in the simple joy of an organized and beautiful bedroom.

So, consider this a sign to give your bedroom a mini makeover! *wink* Learn how to brighten your room for the rainy season and beyond, and bring in much-needed good vibes into your space.

Add Some “Seoul”

If you’ve been binging K-dramas on Netflix or watching aesthetic content from Korean vloggers, you’ll notice that their bedrooms are cozy and relaxing, and just make you feel warm inside. Want to dress up your bedroom like they do? Here’s how to brighten your bedroom the Korean way, and have a space worthy of a million finger hearts:

  1. Go neutral for your walls. White, ivory, cream, light grey, beige, or pastel blue walls are your go-to colors for that simple and minimalist feel. Painting your walls in these colors can be a win too since they can serve as a canvas for any cute art prints or wall decor you’ll find in the future.
  2. Get light wood furniture. Continuing with the neutral theme, rustic-themed furniture or decor in light wood tones will definitely brighten up your room as they’re easy on your eyes.
  3. Install easy-breezy curtains. Thin and easy-breezy curtains are another staple in Korean minimalist bedrooms. When placed on your windows, it can let sunlight seep into your space and provide it with a subtle glow. On not-so-sunny days, it adds character to your room.
  4. Let your mirror lean. Placing mirrors in any room can make it seem bigger and brighter. The trend nowadays is to carefully let a full-length mirror lean on your wall – a cue straight out of Instagram or Pinterest.
  5. Consider diffused light fixtures. Install small lamps that diffuse soft light in your room’s corners. Fixtures like these are less harsh to the eyes and can make you feel more relaxed, especially at night.

How to Make Your Room Brighter With Some Color

Arguably, one of the easiest ways to brighten a room is to add a pop of color. If you’ve been on the monochromatic side for some time and want to inject some hues into your bedroom, try the following:

  1. Choose one bold color. Have a mostly white bedroom and are unafraid to add some color? Paint your walls or look for decor in high-impact colors like purple, navy, cobalt blue, dark green, terracotta, or lemon yellow can provide some flair and drama to your room.
  2. Add accessories, art prints, or rugs. Look for bold throw pillows or paintings and prints you can hang on walls or add to your bed. You can also display a colorful rug to add much-needed brightness and personality to your room. 
  3. Channel your inner “plantito” or “plantita.” If you’ve been thinking about adding plants to your bedroom, now may be the time. Plants or flowers, with their many colors, can be soothing to the eyes and potentially even help you breathe better. Low-maintenance plants or dried flowers are definitely your best bet if you’re not ready to commit to being a full-fledged “plantito” or “plantita” yet.

Save Room With Storage

Look into storage solutions that’ll not only help you declutter, but also free up the room so it’ll give you the illusion of additional space. Here’s how to brighten your bedroom by being creative with storage:

  1. Store items under your bed or at the end of it. Check underneath your bed if there’s enough room for storage, so you can keep the clutter away from plain sight. A cute trunk or bench placed at the foot of your bed can also do the trick.
  2. Shop multi-purpose pieces. Look for double-duty pieces or fixtures. Examples include a bed with cabinets or drawers underneath, bed headboards with built-in shelves, bookcases that can display your fave titles and divide the room, or ladders or racks that show off your favorite fashion pieces.
  3. Consider floating shelves. If your walls have enough real estate, floating shelves can store all your knick-knacks or even display some of your favorite items.
  4. Say yes to narrow storage options. Don’t be fazed by awkward corners or spaces – search for narrow cabinets or storage solutions that can fill in those gaps and get rid of clutter.

The weather outside may be gloomy and all, but it doesn’t mean that the indoors have to match too! Liven up your bedroom with a few changes, and you’ll be rewarded with an IG- or Pinterest-worthy space that’ll spark joy! 

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