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DIY Headboard Ideas

diy headboard designs and ideas

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DIY Headboard Ideas

Posted on April 20, 2015

Looking for ways to jazz up your bedroom without spending too much? Refurbishing your headboard can certainly do the trick! But before you head out to the furniture store to buy a new one, why not make one for yourself! Check out these quick and easy tips to create a one-of-a-kind DIY headboard.

  1. Frame It

Transform your old frames into a magnificent headboard. Use what you already have or you can purchase inexpensive frames in garage sales or thrift shops. Get a streamlined effect painting them with the same color for a more unified effect and display your favorite photos and memories in a vignette that are truly close to your heart. You can be creative and vary pictures, frame colors, and the frame arrangement

  1. One for the jet-setter

Consider using pieces from your travels in lieu of a headboard. If you’ve gone to different places around the world and have a lot of postcards collected in a stash, use them! Displaying your postcards from your travels over your bed is unique, super personal and effortlessly chic! It’s also super easy to create, just do some measuring before you stick them to your wall.

  1. Cover Up

One of the easiest ways to refresh an outdated and battered headboard is by simply covering it up. All it takes is just minimal sewing. Purchase inexpensive fabrics that you can use to create a slipcover, do some basic measuring so that it can fit perfectly on the headboard that you already have. The best part? You can pretty much replace it as you change your bedroom’s style.

  1. Cottage-style Headboard

If you can’t seem to throw away those old pairs of shutters you have lying around the house, turn it into a stunning headboard instead! With a little bit of paint, this idea is sure to create a one-of-a-kind and completely on-trend piece. Just be sure to install this securely to the wall.

  1. Get fancy with stickers

This tip is so easy you don’t really need instructions for it! If you are looking for something really cheap and you have limited space in your bedroom, just look for headboard decals or have one printed. Play with the contrast of colors and have fun while decorating with it!

  1. Faux-bois Headboard

Embrace the inner child in you and paint one on the wall behind your bed! Instead of constructing a headboard, all you need is a little bit of paint or if you can find a wood-graining tool – a rubber roller that is engraved with a wood-grain pattern, go invest in this. Mask off the area where you’ll be painting on the wall and try creating one that mimics a headboard silhouette. You can save a whole lot of money and space by doing this.





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