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Exterior Paint Ideas: 7 Bungalow House Colors You'll Love

7 bungalow exterior paint ideas

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Exterior Paint Ideas: 7 Bungalow House Colors You’ll Love

Posted on July 12, 2021

What’s the first thing you notice when pulling up to a house? Is it the landscaping, the roof, or the size of the land? For many, it’s the house’s exterior paint color. 

Paint colors dictate the mood of your house or bungalow from the very get-go. That’s why this year of 2021, we are veering away from the drabby and uninspired color schemes of the past. 

Whether you want to go classic or a little bit more adventurous, these color options will surely make your bungalow not only stand out but also protected from natural elements. If you are considering giving your home a facelift, consider these exterior paint colors that you’ll surely love!

Warm White

Your bungalow will never go out of style with a classic. The color white is always a great option to have because not only can it evoke feelings of cleanliness, it can also help emphasize or trim architectural details. A soft, warm, and rich white exterior paint color has a timeless appeal that would complement not only bungalows but also any style of home. It leaves a classy and neutral look that offers endless possibilities with other aspects of your exterior, including landscaping.


One-tone, stale greys? We’re over it! Choosing a moody blue-grey for your bungalow’s exterior will add a little bit more warmth and whimsy than your average grey. This color can conjure up a nautical, serene feeling, making it perfect for houses that are near water. Blue-greys also make a great complimentary exterior color. Your bungalow will feel well-rounded and personalized once you’re finished painting. It’s essentially tranquility in a can, making it a perfect choice for families with a bustling lifestyle.

Earthy Greens

Earthy greens are a wonderful choice for bungalow exterior paints. After all, 2021 will be a year of earthy tones that are inspired by nature, so painting your house in this shade will create the feeling of getting away for a much-needed respite, without actually going anywhere. It is a calming shade that effortlessly blends with whatever landscaping you currently have. Plus, it pairs beautifully with wood accents and outside furniture. 

Beige Tans

A lot of people consider beige to be a boring color, however, we believe that you can add interest and flair to your exterior paint job without using bright colors. A beige tan exterior paint for your bungalow exudes a more sophisticated feel, especially when accented with hints of black. It’s cozy and versatile since it goes great with other colors. Additionally, if your bungalow is on the smaller side, a beige tan exterior paint job can help it appear bigger. 

Millennial Pink

Yes, millennial pink isn’t going away anytime soon. And if you think it won’t work on your bungalow house exterior, think again! This soft, rosy shade is perfect for those who want to explore a fun color while maintaining a neutral and minimalistic clean style. Because of this, it can smoothly flatter any other colors and space. Gentle yet effective, it is often used to highlight trim all around the house. It’s also usually found on beachside bungalows, giving it a pretty and airy beachy vibe.

Deep, mustard yellow

Yellow may seem like a super bold color choice for your bungalow’s exterior paint, but it’s very versatile when done correctly. Deep, mustard yellows can help make a house feel sunny and bright, which is perfect for any house that is situated in the tropics. It goes well when paired with deep, rich chestnut browns and whites. 


Looking for a modern take on a bland brown exterior? Go for a clay-inspired hue, aka terracotta. Over the past couple of years, this tone that dominated the 80s has made a welcome resurgence. Thanks to its red undertones, it signals warmth, comfort, and security which are both qualities you’d want to have in your bungalow. This shade is naturally rich and warm, it exudes old-world charm and adobe vibes giving your home an earthier energy compared to your typical brown.

To help bring your bungalow’s exterior paint come to life, use Tex-A-Kote by Island Paints! 

Tex-A-Kote is an acrylic solvent-based coating for that beautiful and tough exterior and interior paint job. Not only is it durable, but it is the perfect product for decorative and textured finishes. Available in a variety of colors for your homes, Tex-A-Kote adheres best to most surfaces such as concrete, masonry, wood, and particle boards. 

Tex-A-Kote textured finish is applied by using a mortar gun to create Tex-A-Kote’s three variations. Fine cast, medium cast, and a large cast. Once you’re done applying Tex-A-Kote, all you need is 15 minutes to let it dry. Then, use a steel roller to flatten your cast. 

So for a tough exterior and interior paint that offers a decorative and textured finish, choose Tex-A-Kote by Island Paints.


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