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tips for creating a gallery wall

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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Posted on January 14, 2015

A well thought out gallery wall can make a big difference when figuring out any room’s interior design, from your living room to your guest room. On the other hand, not doing it right can ruin the whole design of your room.

So to make sure your vision for the perfect interior design whether it’s for your entertainment room or your home office, here are notable pointers to remember when creating the perfect gallery wall:

First Things First, Plan the Layout of Your Wall

Don’t just go ahead and hang whatever artwork or photograph you see lying around your house. Just like anything else, a good gallery wall takes some planning. Try sketching how you want the gallery wall to look like and choose the photographs you’d like to be mounted on the wall until you’re satisfied with the design.

Hang Varying Sizes of Photographs and Artwork

Putting up artwork with similar sizes may seem too bland and monotonous, especially when you are working on a large wall. Vary the size of the artworks and use some larger pieces as well as smaller pieces. This will make your wall feel alive and will even play with the focus of your eyes depending on how you lay it out.

Decide on a Color Palette

One of the biggest and most important elements in any interior design endeavor is color. Forgetting about color can make your gallery wall look cheap. So to make your gallery wall unified and stylistically organized, you should decide on the color palette of your frames, artworks, and photos early on. You can either choose a simple color palette with varied frame styles or a colorful set of frames with a more uniform style.

Be Meticulous When It Comes to Spacing

Spacing is as crucial to gallery walls, just as kerning is important to typography. It seems like a small detail that may be overlooked, but inconsistent spacing will only make your gallery wall look messy. As much as possible, make sure that your spacing is uniform; except of course when thick frames are concerned.

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