Home Decorating Tips

Choosing the Right House Paint Sheen

Home Decorating Tips

Choosing the Right House Paint Sheen

Posted on June 20, 2018

In choosing the right house paint, you don’t only consider color, you need to decide on what paint sheen to use. Now, if you find yourself lost or confused with what house paint sheen is best for your surface, this para sure guide should help!

Factors to Determine the Paint Sheen You Need

Depending on their locations, surfaces encounter different factors that weaken their state. What paint sheen works for surfaces inside the house, may not last long outside.
To determine the right paint sheen for your surface, consider these factors:

o Is your surface exterior or interior?
o If it’s outside your home, is it shaded or directly exposed to the sun?

o How busy is it, where your surface is?
o Is it a low or high traffic area?

Paint Objective
o Are you painting to repair, fill in a hole or a dent?
o Are you painting for decorative purposes?
o Are you painting to protect your surface?

The Different Types of House Paint Sheens

Once you’ve noted all that must be noted about your surface, you can now pick which of these house paint sheens is appropriate for your wall.

Flat/Matte paint sheen is non-reflective. Because it does a great job of hiding surface imperfections, flat paint is best for low traffic areas and specific surfaces you want to downplay.
Eggshell is velvety soft with a bit of gloss in it. Known to deliver excellent coverage and has better color and stain-resisting qualities compared to Flat, eggshell is the way to go for low to moderate traffic areas, such as hallways.
Satin has a premium pearl-like gloss to it, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
Semi-gloss is easy to clean and offers durability for surfaces exposed to moisture and regular wear and tear.
• At the end of the paint sheen spectrum is Hi-gloss or Gloss. Best for areas you want to highlight, or exterior surfaces that need reliable protection against damaging elements.

Para Sure tip: when it comes to choosing the right house paint sheen, remember that the higher the shine, the more durable it will be.

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