Home Decorating Tips

What Shade of Blue are You?

Home Decorating Tips

What Shade of Blue are You?

Posted on February 20, 2017

One inexpensive cooling hack for the home (insert link) is to paint your spaces with refreshing colors. Pastels are never out of style, but if you’re looking for something new, hey, why not try blue!

The Color Blue

Blue is the color of reliability and reassurance. It belongs to spaces where you feel safe to just lounge around. Despite being a shade on the cool side of the spectrum, blue is also a color for caring and peace. It does not draw attention and confrontation, but it does invite quietness, a moment to reflect and to collect yourself into a calm demeanor.

A color for responsibility and confidence, blue comes with a different sense of security than with brown. It invites you to pause, take a breather before encouraging you to do what you have to, and to do it with a steady, tranquil mind.

There is order and integrity in blue. And in today’s chaotic and stress-filled world, wouldn’t you want that for your home? A safe haven you can retreat into, whenever it storms outside?

Check out these sample blue color schemes you might want to try for your home.

True Blue and Natural Neutrals

Paired with the right colors, blue can create drama. For intimate spaces such as the master bedroom, try putting together a palette of deep blue, cool grays and wood tones. This should give the space a soothing vibe.

Coastal Blue and White

Paint the colors of waves into your home. Best for the receiving area or the living room, coastal blue, white and warm neutrals do a great job at mimicking the vibe of the beach. Airy linen slipcover should add to the laid back seaside mood of the room.

Sky Blue and Buttery Yellow

Channel a vintage diner vibe in the kitchen with marble tops and a combination of sky blue on the kitchen walls and cabinets with bright pops of buttery yellow.

Nautical Blue, White and Red

Set sail with bold horizontal navy-and-white stripes that create movement and lengthen a room—just perfect for cramped hallways and tight spaces.

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