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converting your living room into a guest room

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Using Your Living Room as a Guest Room

Posted on April 20, 2015

While many houses have dedicated guest rooms, it’s a luxury not every family can afford. But being Filipino means taking hospitality beyond just a warm welcome – this is why a lot of us receive guests and ask them to stay over during holidays or ordinary weekends even without a designated guest room.

If you’re opening up your living room to guests when they come over, you’ll surely love these tips for giving them an even more comfortable overnight stay.

Don’t skimp on bedding.

Just because your guests are going to be sleeping on your couch doesn’t mean you won’t bother making the bed. Even though the bed is temporary, it makes a big difference when you prepare fresh sheets, a soft bed pillow and enough blankets for your guest instead of just having them use scratchy throw pillows.

Set the temperature at a comfortable level.

Especially during summer, it can be pretty hot even at night. If your living room is not fully air-conditioned, make sure to equip it with adequate cooling fans so that your guests don’t have a hard time sleeping. Of course, don’t forget to make them feel at home and free to adjust things as they see fit.

Assign storage space for their things.

If your house is not that spacious to begin with, freeing up some storage space for your guest can be a little tricky. But the solution is surprisingly quite easy. Simply clear up some space on the counter of your bathroom for their toiletries bag and empty a part of the nearest closet or drawer to accommodate their luggage. This will help keep your living room organized and their stuff safe from view.

Make sure your guests are afforded enough privacy.

Depending on the architectural design of your home, whether or not your windows are big you have to make sure your guests would not constantly be conscious about who might be seeing them through the windows. If this is the case, make sure you have window treatments that will block outsiders from easily taking a peek into your living room windows.



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