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Interior and Exterior House Paint Ideas

interior and exterior paint ideas (pro tips)

Home Decorating Tips

Interior and Exterior House Paint Ideas

Posted on October 24, 2019

Looking for ways to change the look of your home? Here are some interior and exterior house paint ideas! A new paint job always works wonders for the home. It’s a simple way to make a big transformation. Plus, it’s a lot more inexpensive than buying and refurbishing or reupholstering furniture.

Take a look at some interior and exterior house paint ideas that can make your home feel brand new!


Your house’s exterior paint is the first thing people notice, so it’s best to make a warm and inviting impression.

  • Bolden the Door If your house is already painted with a neutral color, then you’re already 95% done. Painting the front door with an eye-catching, fun color is the quickest fool-proof way to spice up your home’s exterior look. Doing so gives on-lookers and visitors a peek into your entire home’s personality. Paint Recommendations: Dark Slate Blue, Dark Red, Pale Green
  • It Was All Yellow Bright yellows, outlined with warmer beige colors or crisp whites evoke a child-like ambiance that is captivating and cheerful. Meanwhile, toned down, soft yellows present a more mature and sophisticated feel to the home. Paint Recommendations: Egg Yolk, Yellow Citron
  • Softies Want your house to stand out in the neighborhood without overwhelming the eyes? Go for soft pastels! Understated greens, purples, pinks, and blues are unique and fun color choices that feel warm and welcoming. Paint Recommendations: Paris Green, Bramble Purple, Soft Paste
  • Putty Taupey One of the safest ways to future-proof your house is to go for a taupey neutral color. It’s a popular shade for house flippers to not turn off any potential buyers. It’s a classic that blends in with the natural surroundings. Paint Recommendations: Nadorite, Camel, Cardboard


Set the mood and transform the look of your favorite room by choosing these interior paint colors.

  • Elegant Greens Greens can add a sultry but cosmopolitan look to any room. Its timelessness is obviously due to nature which brings a comforting familiarity that can make any room in the house feel special. It can also work seamlessly between millwork, walls, furniture, and accessories; its perfect neutrality has the ability to calm and ground an entire room. Paint Recommendations: Bergamot, Ilex Leaf, Pale Marble
  • Everything Went Blue Misty blues with a calming grey undertone brings out a laid-back soothing energy in the house. Meanwhile moody, dark blues reminiscent to the color of midnight give off an almost magical vibe to any space. Paint Recommendations: Blue Water, Faded Denim, Dark Cloud
  • Live in Coral! It’s Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, after all. It’s not by any means the traditional color choice for interiors, but if you want to elicit a more hopeful and optimistic vibe to the room, then this is your best (and brightest!) bet. It doesn’t have to be full-on coral — coral pinks and coral oranges work just as fine in a revamp. Paint Recommendations: Fame Orange, Pumpkin
  • Greys It’s stylish, it’s practical, and it goes with everything; there’s no denying that greys have always been and always will be a top interior paint choice. Its elegance is evident when paired with a variety of colors — from strong jewel tones to muted pastels. Paint Recommendations: Pyrite, Seed Tuber, Thunderhead

For your makeover to last, make sure you’re using Island Prima! It is a pure acrylic based paint specially formulated for interior and exterior applications. It provides high gloss, superior gloss retention, and good alkaline resistance while providing an excellent and durable finish.

Whichever part of the home it is, we’ve got paint ideas for your house’s interiors and exteriors. Explore our website for more interior and exterior house paint ideas.

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