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5 Interior Paint Colours To Counter the Gray, Rainy Season

home decor ideas to brighten up the rainy season

Home Decorating Tips

5 Interior Paint Colours To Counter the Gray, Rainy Season

Posted on February 10, 2021

Rainy season is often equated with dark clouds and a gloomy vibe.  To some, such season dampens the spirits –- literally and figuratively. This is especially true when you are indoors and all you see are dark skies. But guess what. If it’s raining and you’re’ feeling gray, indoor colors might actually wipe the blues away. Think walls in chirpy colors, windows in bright hues, and doors adorned with vibrant paints. Raining? So what? Move over, dark clouds. Here are some happy color options that say bye bye to gloom. 

1. Hello Yellow

Yellow’s happy and uplifting tones make you feel surrounded by sunshine. It exudes the vibrance of summers and the warmth of the sun even on a rainy day.  Yellow is perfect for rooms that have limited sources of light or minimal windows. It naturally brightens the space and the mood as well. It can be used in any part of the house. Just be careful to not make it too overwhelming as this is an extremely bright color. Accent walls or portion walls painted with yellow are a good idea. 

2. Think Pink 

Pink never fails to cheer up one’s spirits. True to kids and kids at heart, pink bursts with so much positive energy. It is however a very powerful color and has the tendency to exude an overwhelmingly candy-like ambience. To balance, use it sparingly. Pink accent details on doors, entry ways, or windows work well with white walls, 

3. Awesome Orange

If there’s one color that whets one’s appetite, it’s this vibrant, youthful color: orange. No wonder orange is often used in restaurants and in food packaging. Orange is said to be the most social of all colors. It triggers conversations and interactions and it’s perfect for rainy days when lull moments strike. Orange depicts action, activity, and energy. This color is perfect for the dining area, kitchen, and family room. 

4. Lush Rush with Green 

Missing the outdoors but can’t go out because of heavy downpour? Shoo away the gloom. Nature’s adventure says hello with a green-themed room. Perfect for urban dwellers who can’t get enough of nature, green sparks a fresh ambience reminiscent of gardens, lush mountains, tree-lined pathways, and parks. Green matches well with a bedroom, library, or home office.

5. Lavender Love

This charm of this color is perfect for bedrooms. It exudes a very tranquil ambience and with its cheerful hue, it lightens the overall mood of the space. Think touches of lavender with a white wall, accents on side tables and window frames, and splashes of interesting patterns of this color on throw pillows or vases. Lavender is a soft version of purple’s royalty undertone that gives the dweller a certain sense of sophistication. On a rainy day, such elegance certainly ups the mood.

Definitely, there are ways to brighten up a day when dark rain clouds hover. While others get warmed up with a comforting bowl of soup or a hot cup of coffee, you can always turn to colors for a quick mood upper. Lounge in your yellow-themed living room, watch the rain in your pink bedroom, or grab a bite in your orange dining room. Saying bye bye to rainy day blues? You can with Island Paints. 

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