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Home Decorating Tips

3 Tips and Tricks for Home Maintenance

Posted on June 2, 2016

Home maintenance and home improvements are not just a one-off thing you can get away with doing once a year. In fact, home maintenance should be a daily practice. Your home is your investment and safe haven so make sure to treat it right with proper maintenance. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when doing daily house maintenance. There are a lot of DIY projects that are not only budget-friendly but are also efficient and effective. Go and have a whole indoor and outdoor checkup in order to assess the household problems that need to be addressed.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips from your home!

  1. Use water in unused spaces
    certain spaces like the guest room can have bathrooms that are rarely used. Because of this, a steady build-up of grime and stains can appear in the faucet or toilet. Have a daily check up on your unused spaces and turn on the faucet and flush the toilet from time to time. If grime does appear in the area, scrub it away with soap and heavy-duty bleach.


  1. Clean kitchen sink waste
    There are so many ways on how to address this problem but the best and cheapest all-around solution for kitchen sink debris is through the use of vinegar ice cubes. Pour some vinegar in your ice tray then let it freeze. Rub the vinegar ice cube around the kitchen sink disposal. It not only cleans the kitchen sink but it also makes it shine.


  1. Unclog indoor pipes
    Over time, there might be oil build-up that can clog your drain pipes. You’ll know if you have a clog if water won’t drain from your indoor pipes. To address this problem, run hot water with a hefty amount of dishwashing soap down the drain. The soap will soften the fat or oil and move it on down the pipe, stopping the clog. For a bathroom drain, go get a hair strainer. In most cases, hair is the problem when dealing with bathroom clogs. Use the strainer on the bathroom drain to prevent any excess hair and oil out inside the pipes. This will reduce the amount of debris that might clog your piping system.

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