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5 Color Themes for Your Home this Summer

Home Decorating Tips

5 Color Themes for Your Home this Summer

Posted on May 27, 2016

Summer is once again at our doorstep, so why not come up with color themes to go with it? It’s the season of basking under the sun and relaxation. With Mr. Sunshine brightly smiling up above, colors come alive. Some colors like to complement the weather by being bright and loud while other colors give a great contrast by providing a cool and calm ambiance. With the right combination of hues and tones, you’re home will look bright and playful just in time for summer.

Here are 5 awesome color themes for summer!

  1. Blue
    During the summer heat, it’s only logical that you have to cool off at some point. With the power of the color blue, things seem to turn from hot to cold. Also, blue represents bodies of water so it’s a great compliment and contrast for summer. The color gives off a calm and cool effect and it’s also very gentle to the eyes. The color blue is one of the best contrasts to grace the summer season, and if used creatively it can make an extremely serene ambiance in one’s home. Stratosphere and Skyline are excellent color choices for blue tones.


  1. Orange
    Orange is a boosting color. Whenever used, it radiates an energetic feel to it creating motivation and inspiration. As an energizer, it works well with the energetic sun rays of the summer season. As a zingy hue, orange can be utilized with a lot of extra bright colors. Play around with it along with red and yellow and you can expect that your house will look alive and bright in no time.


  1. Soft Grey
    A game changer in the summer theme, the power of grey against the sun is actually one of the best complements. Its neutrality added with a classic touch is best themed with the bright yellow rays of the sun. Also, with a concrete-like feel, it gives off a cool and convenient look to your home. You can add more soft colors along with the grey to have more depth and variety to your summer color theme.


  1. Pink
    A touch of sass and a touch of class is what pink is all about. As a stand alone color, it creates a great impact and space in one’s home interior. With pink colors like Hot Pink or Champagne Pink complementing the summer, you can expect a fabulous vibe for your home.


  1. Brown
    Never underestimate the power of brown. This color brings a cabin vibe to your home perfect for the relaxing and unwinding season of summer. Play around with brown tones and check which matches best with your house.

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