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Keep It Safe: Non-toxic Paint Options for the Home

non-toxic paint options for your home

Home Decorating Tips

Keep It Safe: Non-toxic Paint Options for the Home

Posted on January 4, 2019

Home is a place where you build your relationships with your family. In your DIY journey for home improvements, you want to make sure that the materials you use would be safe for everyone. To help make your home a better place to live in, why not use non-toxic paint? Learn what it means with this Para Sure guide on non-toxic paint from Island Premium Paints.

Non-toxic Paint: A Brief History

It is common to see the word “organic” on food packaging at supermarkets, as it tells the buyers of the product’s origins and helps them to choose healthier options. As for paint, how exactly does the term “non-toxic paint” help painters to choose?

Typical house paints contain thousands of chemicals and toxins, and some of the materials used in paint are potentially harmful to your health. Some of the most dangerous chemicals found in paint are volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs).

Volatile organic compounds are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that are released into the air during the painting process. As the paint dries, these VOCs react with the oxygen in the air to form ozone. Ozone is one of the main causes of air pollution and is also linked to several respiratory health problems. In an effort to reduce the health and environmental risks that paint brings, there was a demand to create new paint formulations.

This demand led to the creation of non-toxic paint.


Non-toxic Paint: The Real Deal

Thankfully, advancements in technology have made eco-friendly, non-toxic paints with remarkably lower levels of VOCs possible. Water-based paints (compared to oil-based paints that were popular back in the day) contain less VOCs without sacrificing the quality of the paint we use. These paints tend to dry faster, releasing little to no odor normally associated with paint projects. Now, you can rest easy with the fact that you can build a safe and beautiful home for you and your loved ones.
Try Island Premium Paints’ non-toxic paint offerings in the form of Island Life! Island Life is a low VOC, low odor, anti-microbial water-based paint made from premium acrylic dispersion. This non-toxic paint contains an additive compound that helps reduce the growth of disease-causing bacteria like E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Brows the Island Paint website to learn more about non-toxic paint and Island Life.

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