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For the Home: Cooling Hacks

Home Decorating Tips

For the Home: Cooling Hacks

Posted on February 20, 2017

There are two ways to welcome the scorching hot days of Summer: you can either spend on electric fans and air conditioners, or do simple home improvements fit to combat the heat of the season. If it’s the latter, here are some cooling hacks you can do for the home.

Cover Up Your Windows

Did you know that 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows? Closing your blinds or utilizing shades and curtains should secure this source of heat in your home.

Keep the Doors Slightly Open

Especially at night when the temperature usually drops, you want the cool air to freely flow in the spaces of your home. So, leave your doors slightly open.

Tinker and Improvise your Room Fan

How do fans differ from air conditioners? They’re made to make sure that air circulates in a space, while air conditioners are specifically built to modify room temp. A quick and easy cooling hack to your room fan is to position a bowl of ice right behind it.

For ceiling fans, set them to counter-clockwise at high speed for a wind-chill breeze effect. Utilize exhaust fans in your kitchen and the bathroom too. These are not just for unwanted scents, but also for pulling hot air (from when you cook or take a steamy shower) out of the house.

Change Your Sheets

Remember that textiles make for great insulation, but cotton is best for the season. It breathes easier and stays cool for a while. While you’re at reworking your sheets, another cooling home improvement would be to use buckwheat pillows.

Trade Incandescent Lights for CFLs

Only 5 to 10% of the electricity that goes into the bulb is consumed for light. The rest contributes to the heat of the space. Switch to its energy efficient, eco-friendly alternative, compact fluorescent lamps.

Some Long-term Cooling Home Improvements

If you’re ready to spend a little, invest in these long-term home improvements:

  • Insulated window films
  • Awnings or trees and plants as a natural shield that will keep the sun’s rays and heat from entering

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