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Home Classroom Design Tips for Online Learning

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Home Classroom Design Tips for Online Learning

Posted on September 29, 2020

Having school kids at home, each in their own private school corners on weekdays, is a normal sight these days. But what shouldn’t be normal are home classrooms that do not invite healthy learning. To inspire kids to actively learn, study areas should spell comfort, safety, and fun. Whether it be by de-cluttering the space, customizing it according to your child’s preferences, re-painting a wall, or adding a piece of furniture, there are countless ways to make your child’s home classroom more conducive to learning. Thinking if you can do it yourself? Of course you can. Start your home classroom design magic with these hacks.

  1. Go for natural light

    Lamps may be a fancy option when lighting up a corner, but nothing beats natural light and fresh air rushing through the windows. Sunlight naturally energizes, which is a good thing for setting up your child’s mood once classes begin. Try to find a quiet, naturally lit spot in your house. Get your kid’s nod on how to spruce it up and you have a nice home classroom.

  2. Consider Comfort

    Kids are naturally busybodies; that’s why the more spacious and comfortable the study area, the better. Start by ensuring that your child has a comfortable table and chair that are height appropriate. No awkward stretching just to get hold of the keyboard. Avoid dumping a lot of stuff in your child’s work area. Keep class must-haves to a minimum. Printer, books, art materials and notebooks should be enough. Allot some space where your child can move, walk, or stretch.

  3. Break the monotony

    Imagine your kid having to sit on the same spot for the whole day. Imagine the boredom it may bring. To avoid this, design your child’s home classroom in such a way that there’s movement, from one activity to another. If your space allows it, set up a long table for crafts making, a smaller desk for writing, and a well-cushioned couch for class breaks. Doing so lessens the lull and provides a bit of variety.

  4. Add colorful, fun details.

    It may be a workstation, but remember: your kid’s space is still a kid’s corner. Making it look visually inviting is key to making your school kid want to hang out in his/her study often. As a starter, add color to the pen holders by covering it in decorative wraps or washi tapes. Have a customized mini notebook pocket at the back of the chair where some essentials can easily be grabbed. Shelves that are artfully done also create an easy feel. Likewise, a nice desk plant also adds some freshness which gives your child a bit of the outdoor vibe.

  5. Color it fun

    The key to a great design? It’s always about colors. The psychology of “pink for girls, blue for boys” and everything in between holds true for other palettes. So for your child’s home classroom, a nice repaint of a wall will do wonders. If you have a limited area, think of colors that will give an illusion of a bigger space. In this case, work with light colors. You can also paint shelves and furniture to give the study nook a more cohesive look. Get brownie points from your kid if you use his/her favorite colors.

Home classrooms are here to stay. Consider them your child’s learning station where every little detail matters. Plan it, design it, work it. With a little help from Island Paints Prima’s palette of colors, you can.


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