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Surfaces Red Paint Would Look Perfect On

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Home Decorating Tips

Surfaces Red Paint Would Look Perfect On

Posted on July 17, 2018

Every creative mind has played with the thought of having a red room for their homes. If you find yourself wanting to give it a try, these para sure ideas on where red paint would be perfect on should help.

Making a Statement with Red Paint

Red is a stimulating shade that easily becomes the defining element in any space. It is the bold color choice for the home. While it’s tempting to just grab a can of red paint and splash it on some area in your home, working with red requires a little more planning.

Before figuring out where to apply your red paint on, first decide what type of shade will help you make your statement. What vibe are you after? Intense, orange-tinted tones give off energy and life while the bluish or purplish types of red such as maroon and burgundy are perfect for cozy, comfortable ambiances.

Either way, red is the color for making a statement.

Para Sure Ideas to Use Red Paint On

Para sure guideline: red tends to grab attention, so use it on surfaces and items you want to highlight or accentuate.

Accent Walls

An accent wall is a wall in a space that’s dedicated to adding mood to the overall vibe of the room. Red in an accent wall can add passion, sophistication, intimacy or a flow of energy, depending on the shade of red paint you’re using.

Surfaces Red Paint Would Look Perfect On

Small Rooms

Red can be too much when used on everything in a standard-sized room, but for small ones such as bathrooms and utility rooms? Now, that’s a different story. Spice up sophisticated small spaces and paint grandeur with deep, luxurious-looking red.

Surfaces Red Paint Would Look Perfect On

Key Furniture and Decor Pieces

You may also want to try red paint’s striking quality on the quirky details of your space. Give an antique mirror modern look with a red frame, add a fiery flair to a simple chair, or have pops with key trinkets in red.

Surfaces Red Paint Would Look Perfect On

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