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Color Trends and Color Palette Ideas for 2020

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Color Trends and Color Palette Ideas for 2020

Posted on September 30, 2020

It doesn’t take an interior designer to confirm that color has the power to transform a room. But carefully selecting paint for color palette ideas can prove to be challenging. So if you’re deciding to liven things up in your home, here are colors that are dominating 2020.


L-R (Midnight Green, Ilex Leaf, Hellotrope, Dark Red)

The start of a new decade means we’ll start seeing a shift in color trends — meaning bolder, deeper colors with a touch of opulence versus all-white and grey color palette ideas. Homeowners may want to embrace more colors and take more design risks, starting with rich and elegant jewel tones.

Jewel tones love to make a comeback time and time again as a style go-to that adds a punchy statement to any room. Whether featured as an accent wall or as pops of decor in a more neutral space, they always do the job of creating extravagant and dramatic environments.


L-R (Salt Water, Milky Opal, Frost Burn, Dunlin Feather)

In today’s stressful and unprecedented landscape, cool colors like dusty blues and greys offer a relaxing respite. Its subtle mix of blue, green, and black pigments create the most tranquil of colors that has an almost magical quality of gently shifting between blue and grey depending on the time of day. 

With Classic Blue as Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, it’s hard not to see why this shade is now considered as the “new neutral.” Blue-greys evoke wellness that we all want in our homes, so you definitely won’t be seeing this blue losing popularity any time soon.


L-R (Mantis, Bergamot, Pale Marble, Pigment Green)

In a world of endless doom scrolling, our deep-seated need for the great outdoors is now stronger than ever. So it comes to no surprise that we’re craving for the color green this 2020. Inspired by lush forests and grassy plains, these shades invite us to put our phones down and connect to our roots — whether it’s a rich emerald wall or a subdued mossy door.  These dark, velvety hues bring a cocooning factor to any space. Plus, rich green blends with almost every color, so matching your decor is not going to be a problem.


L-R (Taproot, Fruit Punch, Drying Leaf, Cuttlefish)

Another emerging design trend is the steady appreciation for more natural materials and colors like aged plaster, earthenware, and clay. It’s all about warm and natural colors these days; chocolate browns, wine, avocado greens, and terracottas are all going to take over homes in the coming years. 

This orangey-rosy-red isn’t a huge departure from the array of blush tones and pinks that have been in the spotlight for the past years. That’s why terracotta can easily complement many interior design styles, including boho and modern. Designers love to warm up a neutral space through texture, earthy accents, and rich hues. 

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