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Must-try Pastels for your Bedroom

must-try pastel colors for your bedroom

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Must-try Pastels for your Bedroom

Posted on October 2, 2020

Pastels have always been the  The soft and laid back vibe of pastel colors soothes the senses, which is why these eye candies are popularly used in bedrooms. Visually calming and relaxing, there’s a rainbow of pastel palettes out there – from feminine pink to masculine blue to royal lavender….the list goes on. While they all seem to be “the” perfect color, we’ve rounded up a few pointers to help you decide which pastel to pop in your bedroom.

  1. Pretty in Pink and White

    Romantic, cheerful, and delicate. Think Scandinavian with lots of whites and pops of soft pink. This color combination adds space and light to a room while infusing a vibe that’s very feminine and modern. Go for the lighter shade of pink and just add stronger pink hues for furnishings and decors if you want to keep the color motif. It’s a polished and chic look, ideal for young girls, teens, and adults.

  2. Life’s a Peach

    Want a hint of pink but not pink? Something that’s feminine but not too girly? Pick peach. It exudes the same soft and delicate vibe of pink but with a more serious accent. You will never go wrong with a pastel coral. Style it as you want it: eclectic chic, shabby chic, minimalist peach, tropical or beach coral feels. To create contrast, pop some earthy neutrals and a hint of black.

  3. Mint Green is In

    Its huge appeal as a bedroom color lies on the fact that this shade of green functions well on two things: it relaxes and it recharges. Ending the day with a green washes the stresses away and waking up to this hue energizes you. This pastel shade of green can be done Nordic style by adding black and gray. If you want a bit of warmth to it, simply add a dash of beige or mustard. But if you want to keep it all green and natural, it’s chic enough to apply this color on untreated wood.

  4. Calm Here, Blue

    Blue is one of the most serene colors. Make that pastel blue and you have a room that calms you and induces you sleep. Blue is also said to be the best color for people who need a lot of concentrating. Pair your pastel blue with white and you get a cool summer ambience. Make it an interesting monochromatic blue by using different shades of pastel blues. While blue is popularly related to a gender, it can actually be gender neutral with a lot of color combinations. Temper blue’s coldness by adding some beige tones. Thinking sophisticated baby blue? Add gray. But if you’re in the mood for some pure calm, a splash of turquoise will do the job.

  5. Love Lavender

    This color evokes nobility. It actually captures the calmness of blue and the fierceness of red. So if it’s subtle grandeur you want for your bedroom, then lavender is the answer. To keep it from being too overwhelming, inject a bit of light gray tones. You can do this on furniture, on frames, or chairs. Here’s the magic: if you want to be girly about lavender, you can add some pink curtains or throw pillows. But if you want to be a little eclectic, some hints of metallic silver will do the trick.

Millennial pink, baby blue, mint green, coral peach, candy lavender. For your bedroom color theme, pastel-abilities are endless. Explore, enjoy, and discover the calming magic of pastel colors in your bedroom. Not sure if you can do it? With Island Paints, you can. 

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