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DIY Fever: Interior Makeover Hacks

Home Decorating Tips

DIY Fever: Interior Makeover Hacks

Posted on January 4, 2019

Feeling restless and looking for a place to expand all that pent-up creative energy? Look no further: give your interiors a makeover! You’ll be surprised at what a couple of cans of affordable interior paint and a few home decor upgrades can do for your home. No need to break the bank; here are some easy interior makeover hacks for you.

Affordable Interior Paint Makeover Hacks

  • Make an Entrance: Open a door of surprises! Here’s a fun and affordable way to do interior paint makeover:  paint the sides of your door using different colors. The subtle pop of color makes a nice accent without distracting attention from the rest of the room’s decor. You can use a shade that you have used for the rest of the room. For a twist, you can also use an an entirely different color.
  • Dress Up Your Dresser: Want to spice up your boring dresser drawers? Inject a few fun details by painting the sides. Usually hidden, paint it using your preferred shade, or get creative and paint patterns and designs to your heart’s desires!
  • Give the Floor to Creativity: When thinking of affordable interior paint makeovers, one would usually think of painting the walls. Give the floor some tender loving care and spruce up any room’s look instantly! Using light colors to paint your floors gives it a clean, minimalist look, and brightens up any room. Dark colors, on the other hand, gives any room a dramatic flair.
  • Eat, Paint, and Love: Kitchens can look delectably pretty by adding details others would usually overlook. Painting the kitchen cabinets or the backsplash (the panels behind the stove or sink area that protects the walls from splashes) in fun patterns adds an interesting touch to the kitchen.
  • Reach for the Sky (or the Ceilings): Create an illusion of higher ceilings by painting your walls and ceilings a lighter color! No budget for repainting all your walls? Use affordable interior paint for your ceilings and the top half of your walls with the same light shade. Half-painted walls create a nice impression of higher ceilings and bigger rooms.

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