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Best Philippine House Paint Trends Over The Years

classic house paint trends in the philippines

Home Decorating Tips

Best Philippine House Paint Trends Over The Years

Posted on May 20, 2020

Trends come and go but some house paint trends in the Philippines go on to withstand the test of time and become go-to’s for inspiration. So if you’re considering the possibility of a new look for your home, we’ve put together a compilation of classic designs to get your creative juices flowing and jumpstart your home makeover project.

Choosing house paint

The right paint colors should showcase your home’s best features and beautify them even more. So always think twice when choosing the paint colors for your house’s exterior. Some points you should consider include:

  • Your home’s architectural style
  • Surrounding landscape
  • Three parts of an exterior scheme – field color (the most dominant), accent color (to accentuate the smaller areas), and trim colors (for trim work)
  • Supplementary and complementary colors based on the color wheel

Interior and Exterior Color trends in the Philippines

Hazelnut Hues

For this design trend, think of it as the equivalent of a sophisticated country style home, sans the clutter. It targets achieving warmth with simple yet elegant woodwork and having new neutrals or shades of hazelnut as part of its default color scheme. An upside to this trend is that its warm and inviting colors are comforting go-to’s that will never clash with existing furniture pieces. Adding these warm tones to crisp white areas should draw more natural light in while providing depth and dimension.

Deep grays

Going for gray may come off as gloomy or dreary but with the right approach, it’s a great look to pull off. Grays with tones of blues and purples are both rich and tamed. Hints of blues and purples help give life and a soothing quality to the gray but without overpowering its neutral character

Muted pastels

The idea that pastels are just for girls’ bedrooms belongs in the past. Pastel colors, pink in particular, have taken on a new character and that is modern-day sophistication. Most muted pastels are warm and calming which pair well with clean and neutral colors. Moreover, these pastels are a subtle way of keeping up with trends without committing to bold color choices.

Dark, moody colors

Sure, white walls look clean and spacious, but deep and rich colors create a stronger, impactful character to your walls and surfaces.

When done right, dark and moody paint colors can be calming, too. Take dark blue for example. The shade adds a stately, chic yet soothing and at-home look to accent walls and lobbies. Another good choice for bold color is deep green. The shade takes you on an elegant and leisurely walk in the lushness of nature with its natural healing power. Just perfect for a traditional dining room and well-lit, large-spaced rooms areas.

Peach and apricot

There’s just something about peach: it’s not quite pink, not quite orange. Peach and apricot both evoke a warm feel and work well. And pair peach with black and white for a classic look, or try greens for an unexpected twist.

Tips for painting your home exterior

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