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how to apply stain on wood furniture and floors

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How to Apply Stain to Wood Furniture & Floors

Posted on May 21, 2019

When the term “wood stain” is used, some would think of the worst-case scenarios–probably something like water circles left on wooden surfaces by water glasses, or the ketchup aftermaths on the table after dinner. For interior design enthusiasts, however, wood stains are known as a kind of paint used to color wood. Here’s something good to know: wood stains are a great way to help protect wooden surfaces from damage, whether they’re wooden floors or wooden furniture.

Know how to work with wood stains with these Para Sure tips from Island Premium Paints.

How to Use Wood Stains on Wooden Floors and Furniture

Wooden floors get a lot of wear and tear, and wood stains help reduce the visible signs like scruff marks and scratches on the surface. Good wood stains highlight the wooden grain (the lines and texture that you can see on a cut piece of wood), bringing out the natural beauty of the wood used. The same principles also apply when you use wood stains on wooden furniture. Make sure to know what kind of wood stain works best with your furniture, especially if your furniture are antiques.

Here’s how you can use wood stains on wooden floors and furniture.


  • Sand and Clean: Make sure to sand your surfaces first, as this process ensures that the wood stain adheres to the surface properly. Sand in the direction of the wood grain and not against it, so the sanding would not be obvious when it is time to apply the wood stain. Don’t forget to wipe down your floors and furniture with a damp (not dripping wet!) cloth to remove dust particles. Allow the wooden surface at least 30 minutes to an hour to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Apply Wood Stain: Apply your wood stain on the floors in small two-foot sections at a time. This is so you can control the amount of product you use, as well as see how the color looks on your floor as a whole. That way, you can decide how many coats you would like to apply.
  • Remove Excess Stain: Let your wood stain coats dry for about five to ten minutes before wiping away any excess wood stain with a lint-free towel. This ensures a uniform color and an even coat of wood stain on your surfaces.
  • Apply Clear Top Coat: Let the surface dry for at least 24 hours to ensure that the wood stain has properly adhered to your surface, then apply a clear top coat to protect the wood stain and the wooden surface.

Use premium quality wood stains to protect your wooden floors and furniture! Go with finely ground pigmented stains like Natura Oil Wood Stain from Island Premium Paints! The oil-based nature of Natura helps enhance the colors of raw and unfinished wood, highlighting the natural grains on the surface of the wood.

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