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5 Paint Colors and How They Can Soothe and Relax You

Home Decorating Tips

5 Paint Colors and How They Can Soothe and Relax You

Posted on August 4, 2020

It’s an undeniable fact that looking at certain colors can relax you, just like how fiery shades like red and yellow can hype up your energy. Colors have an enormous impact on our psychology and emotion that’s why choosing paint colors that relax you is no easy feat. But with Island Paints Prima, YES, you can pick the right color!

So if you find yourself always feeling stressed and overwhelmed, try these 5 paint colors that relax you:


(L-R) Turq Gem, Celeste, Bondi Blue, Dark Slate Blue

There’s a reason why you’ll most often find blues in bedroom interiors. This peaceful, relaxing, and gentle color has been proven to reduce stress by calming the mind, slowing down the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety. It’s also believed to have a cooling and serene effect because of its association with nature such as the pale blue of the daytime sky and the dark blue of the oceans.


(L-R) Bergamot, Pale Green, Pigment Green, Awning

Because green symbolizes the richness of nature and forestry, it is one of the most beautiful and invigorating colors that bring in balanced energy which can decrease anxiety and help you feel restful and rejuvenated. Research has also proven that greens can improve reading ability, so if you’re an avid bookworm or you’re looking to refresh your children’s study room, choose these stress-reducing shades in the green family.


(L-R) Soft Paste, Terran Cotta, Light Goldenrod, Fame Orange

Did you know that in Feng Shui, pink is believed to soothe different energies in a room and keep them minimized? Similar to greens, pink promotes a balance of energies. It is a tranquil color that can be used by anyone; thanks to the rise of “millennial pink”, it is no longer seen as a feminine color. The right shade of pink can not only look peaceful in any room, but it can also feel very chic.


(L-R) Chalk White, Cottony White, Yogurt, Green Olive

While a lot of people think that whites and greys are very stark and cold, they are considered to be very serene and pure colors that symbolize clarity and freshness. Designers often use these neutrals as a design choice as they can make rooms look larger than they seem. But if you’re one who always needs clarity on your thoughts, they are the right colors to be surrounded by. When these wall paint colors are paired with blue elements, it can create an ultra-relaxing atmosphere. 


(L-R) Hello Trope, Flora Azalea, Magic Mint, Camellia

Violets and purple are rarely seen in nature, that’s why this color is considered to be rare, intriguing, and sometimes, even connected to the unknown, supernatural, and divine. It signifies strength, peace, wisdom, and spirituality – that’s why yogis or fans of meditation opt for this powerful color. If going all-violet is a little too much for you, try using this paint color as a finish to your decor.

For paint colors that relax you, go for Island Paints Prima!

YES, you can reduce the stress in your home environment! Island Prima is the ideal choice for interior and exterior applications. This pure acrylic-based paint is formulated for superior adhesion with a high gloss, superior gloss retention, and good alkaline resistance, ensuring long-lasting, durable finishes for a variety of surfaces.

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