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What You Need to Know about Painting During Rainy Season

tips on painting a house during rainy season

Home Decorating Tips

What You Need to Know about Painting During Rainy Season

Posted on February 9, 2021

Paint and rain do not mix well. For most professionals and homemakers, it’s an automatic ‘no’ if you’re thinking about painting during the rainy season. With Island Premium Paints? We say ‘sure, you can’! But keep in mind that there are considerations to dwell on first. Read on to learn more about the watchouts, and if you can paint indoors or outdoors when raining, along with some tips and suggestions. 

Can You Paint When it’s Raining? It Depends.

Weather greatly affects the quality of paint and the success of your paint project. The big watchouts are humidity and temperatures. Too much humidity or cold temperatures affects paint’s drying and curing process. Paint may also not stick well on the substrate, which can lead to paint mishaps later on.

For your paint project during this season, let these tips help you. 

Exterior Painting during Rainy Weather

Managing humidity outdoors before or after raining can be tricky. As a general rule, when humidity is too high, it would be best to just sit the paint job out and reschedule. Check out these other tips for painting your home’s exterior during the rainy season.

    • All surfaces must be dry before painting. Moisture can get trapped under your coat of paint. This can later lead to paint problems such as blistering and cracks. 
    • Always check for weather forecasts. If it’s predicted that there might be rain within 24 hours after your painting project, consider waiting for a better day. You don’t want to waste effort and money on a paint job with less than pleasing results.
    • If you must push through with your paint project, be thorough with planning. Plan around weather forecasts, which surfaces need painting most, and make sure to check the temperature and humidity first. 

Interior Painting during Rainy Weather

Unless humidity is too much, painting indoors when it’s raining should be perfectly fine. Here are more tips for painting interior surfaces during the rainy season.

    • Unlike exterior situations, you can adjust humidity indoors with an air conditioner or a dehumidifier.
    • As with painting exteriors, it’s important to check if your surface is truly dry. The smallest drops of water, count. Make sure to check other parts of your surface such as corners, trim & molding, and nail holes.
    • Same as with humidity, check that the temperature is just right for your paint to dry and cure properly. For this, it’s best to check your paint’s label or packaging for the recommended drying temperature and setting.
    • When painting indoors, you can expect that paint is going to dry slower. But you can speed things up a bit by opening doors and windows to increase the air flow and ventilation. Fans can also come in handy, especially if it’s too cold or wet to open windows.
    • Make sure you’re equipped with quality tools and products for the job. Island Prima is Island Premium Paints’s high quality acrylic based paint that renders durable coatings with high opacity, good alkali and scrub resistance.

So can you paint indoors or outdoors when raining? You can. But make sure to plan properly.

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