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Tips for Creating a Stylish Pantry

tips for creating a stylish and minimalist pantry

Home Decorating Tips

Tips for Creating a Stylish Pantry

Posted on May 28, 2015

The pantry is one part of your house that is often overlooked in talks of design and decoration. After all, it serves a practical and not an aesthetic function, right? Wrong. Everything in your house should ideally be functional and beautiful at the same time.

Here’s how you can store your food and supplies in style:

Paint your pantry door with a fun color

Never be afraid of taking risks! Keep your food supplies away from plain sight and shifting attention to your pantry door by painting it a bold color! This adds a cheerful ambiance to your kitchen and a unique twist.

Draw attention to accents

Effective decor is about breaking away from what’s considered to be normal and accents do just the job. Since a pantry is small, you can give it a big personality by accessorizing your pantry’s shelves with colorful knickknacks.

Rediscovering tile design

Tiles have been around for quite a while and a lot of designs have come and gone. But classic designs never grow old! If all else fails, revert to white tiles with white shelves to keep everything clean and open to sudden design ideas.

Organize with labels

Of course, a design is made up of more than the aesthetic side of decor. It is also partly influenced by organization. The beauty here is if you are able to blend the two. Smart labeling is one way to do just that. On your shelves, mount some classic metal nameplates for a touch of classic charm.

You can never go wrong with art

Art is something that will always look good wherever you place it in your home. And yes, you can nestle a piece of framed artwork on one or two of the shelves in your pantry. This gives the otherwise dull room a character and unique personality that would definitely give anyone a cool pantry experience.

Do you have suggestions for giving your pantry a new look? Share your ideas with us!


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