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Decorating Home with the Colors of the Summer

paint colors to apply during summer season

Home Decorating Tips

For the Home: Decorating with the Colors of the Summer

Posted on April 10, 2017

While it’s a fun-filled season for the outdoors, summer is also a colorful season that you may choose to take home, and enjoy indoors! Welcome the warm, fun, tropical ambiance of summer into your home with its colors and these few home decoration suggestions.

Sunny Mindset

Before you start on planning your summer home decoration ideas, it’s important to take in the essence of summer first. Not only is the season about the warmth and brightness of the sun, it’s also about taking everything slow and finding the cool kind of shade to relax in.

On planning a summer look for your home, think of summer home rentals. Open the doors, windows, curtains and let the sun’s rays in!

Look to the Outdoors

In addition to opening the home to let the sun in, make sure to shift every room’s focal point to the windows and other gaps providing a view of or access to the outside.

Simple and Clean

Summer is best enjoyed simple and close to nature. In designs, this would translate to patterns that aren’t too busy to look at. Pastels and light colors make rooms and spaces appear airy and cozy. Throw in natural elements such as cacti and succulents (link to earth day projects) for great texture and character.

Make Splashes with Seasonal Accents

Bright floral, tropical or nautical—liven up each corner with key elements. For indoor dining sets, inspire getting together over drinks by putting a cluster of colorful bottles on a bar, or serving refreshing, afternoon cocktails with tiny paper umbrellas.

Refresh Your Furniture

Go the extra mile and give your old, beaten furniture a fresh coat. Sky blue, herb green and energetic yellow are just a few of the colorful summer shades to choose from. A high-gloss spray paint should give your furniture a modern edge.

Total Immersion with Scents

Embrace summer from look, feel, down to the scent. Ocean breeze, cucumber-melon and other fresh scents should be right for the season you’re trying to capture.

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