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The Best Paint for the Philippine Weather

Home Decorating Tips

The Best Paint for the Philippine Weather

Posted on March 17, 2018

There are multiple considerations when you plan your painting project. Are you using the right paint? Is there enough supply? Will the weather be ideal? Yes, even the weather plays a role on how your rain or shine paint will perform. Take this short read on how the weather affects paint and what could be the best rain or shine paint for the Philippine weather.

How Weather Affects Paint

The weather, specifically temperature and humidity, affects how paint sticks to your surface.


Extreme cold prevents drying, while intense heat dries paint too quickly. The general rule is that if you are painting with an oil-based paint, the average temperature should be above 45°F for at least 48 hours. For latex and acrylic paints, on the other hand, the required temperature is above 50°F. Para Sure tip: always check your paint’s packaging for unique or special requirements.


More moisture in the air impacts how water in acrylic or latex paint evaporates. Drying takes longer. Combined with low temperature, high humidity can result in damages such as lifting and  faulty adhesion.

Paint has to dry just right and adhere properly to your surface to prevent premature paint failures such as cracking, peeling, and early loss of color.

Best Paint Practices for the Philippine Weather

Dry season in the Philippines runs from November to May, with temperature and humidity levels highest in the months of April and May. Before planning your next paint project, keep the weather in mind and consider these suggestions:

  • If your laundry takes too long to dry, so will your paint.
  • Plan your sequence of painting according to where the sun hits.
  • A light breeze is ideal to properly dry paint.
  • Unless really necessary, avoid painting during rainy season.
  • Make sure to use high quality paint.

Best Paint for the Philippine Weather

For exterior and interior home surfaces, Island Prima is a pure acrylic-based paint that offers high gloss and superior gloss retention in each coat. Together with Island Premium Paints’ Product Satisfaction Guarantee, superior adhesion, excellent hiding, and outstanding color retention are a promise.

 Read more about rain or shine paints and plan your home improvement projects with para sure tips from Island Paints!

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