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Living Room Paint Colors for a New Year

Home Decorating Tips

Living Room Paint Colors for a New Year

Posted on May 19, 2016

January is not the only month where you can start things fresh in your home. February can also be the month for new living room paint colors.

Here’s a friendly tip: give your house a check-up. After the end of 2015, congratulations are in order for your house sheltering you for yet another year. Your home is a reflection of you and your lifestyle, and a sturdy home shows a healthy and positive lifestyle. Leaving your house in shambles proves the opposite effect. With January ending on a timely note, maybe it’s time to give back to your home by repainting it. What better place to start than your living room? There’s nothing more enjoyable than choosing a different variety of living room paint colors, and then experimenting with them one by one.

Here are living room paint colors you may consider for your living room makeover.

1. Blue

Blue is a calm and cool color. Using blue as your central theme color helps your living room pop out and radiate a relaxing vibe in your house. Play around with this color and add extra tones to your home’s living room paint color arsenal. Hurtsickle, Blue Dodge, and Celeste are some of the best shade options to consider in beautifying your living room. Each color is independent but can be complemented at the same time. Try adding vintage-looking furniture to add depth and sophistication to your living room.

2. Green

Use the power of green when decorating your living room. With light green, deep and rich colors—like Mantis or Okra—can be used for contrast. As your primary living room paint color, bright green promotes a vibrant and healthy environment and is a joy to use. You can also use clean dashes of white, especially as accents in your furniture design, to create a clean and mature look.

3. Ebony

Ebony can be considered as a rare color to use in decorating a house. However, if used properly, ebony is one of the best living room paint colors out there. Its rich and sophisticated vibe emits a cabin-like aura to one’s home. Different tones of brown can be your best accent color bet when playing around with the color ebony.

4. Pastel

Get that soft and silky feel by painting your living room with pastel colors. Pastel colors bring in a desaturated look and feel to your house. But do not be fooled, for the desaturated effect of pastel colors can be astounding when used in the right way. With this living room paint color, it will look like you entered a realm of artistry and eloquent taste. It is a celebration of neutrality and subtle regality. You can add one or two strong colors as complementary colors, but make sure that your furniture’s colors do not overwhelm and outbalance the whole theme.

5. Black and White

Nothing beats the strength of black and the innocence of white. These two make up the best combination when choosing your living room paint colors. It is the symbol of ultimate modern minimalism, as it gives off a clean and edgy look to any room. The black and white approach is the best go-to color combination if you want your house to have a clean and modern look. You can add subtle tones like Powder Talk, Chalk White, or Edible Mushroom to add extra depth to your living room.

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