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School-themed Home Decorations for Kids

school theme home decor ideas

Home Decorating Tips

School-themed Home Decorations for Kids

Posted on July 20, 2016

Summer vacation is almost over! You better get your kids’ backpacks ready because it’s going to be another busy school year. Do they have a vacation hangover? They didn’t get enough of that school break? Not to worry! With the right home decoration, your kid’s educational spirits will be up and running in no time. With a school themed decoration in your household, your kid will be enthusiastic to face the upcoming school year.

You don’t know how to start your home decoration? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

  1. Have a bookshelf or a bookcase.
    A book shelf is a great addition when having a school-themed home. Having books around your space can help inspire your kid’s literary mind. Books are great teachers for kids because they help expand logic and imagination. Also, books provide an artistic vibe to one’s home so it’s not only appealing for kids but for all ages. Try adding extra home decorations around your books like bookmarks or “word of the day” cards to boost the educational spirit.
  1. Replace a wall decor with a chalkboard.
    Let your kids unleash their creative side by placing a chalkboard in your home. Chalkboards are fun educational decorations that your kids can use to avidly draw and to write. You can substitute an old painting or a wall design with this creative home decoration to give your home’s atmosphere a school vibe.


  1. Get a vintage globe decoration and map posters.
    Having a globe around the house is a charming addition for your school themed home. Place your globe in places near your bookshelf or places where it can easily be spotted like furniture holders.  With a geographical icon, your kid can have a fun and education worldwide view before they head off to school. Also, maps and globes help kids learn about locations and directions so they’re an excellent educational guide in your home.
  1. Place art supplies in coffee tables.
    Having art supplies like stencils, pencil sharpeners, and colorful writing papers on your coffee table can bring out the artist in your kids because they help explore the creative side through sketching and coloring.

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