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Looking for the Right Exterior House Paint

Home Decorating Tips

Looking for the Right Exterior House Paint

Posted on May 30, 2018

The variety of paints in any hardware store can be very overwhelming. For your outdoor surface, here are the basics you need to know to help you reach for the right can of exterior house paint in the hardware store.

Interior vs. Exterior House Paint

Interior and exterior surfaces differ in the everyday damaging factors that they have to be protected from. While the interior of a home has to be impressive but also practical, safe to breathe in, and easy to clean; the exterior has to be vibrant but, more importantly, rigid and tough against the changing extremes of the weather. The different types of sheens and formulas cater to this big difference.

  • Flat – matte, hard to clean, but has additives that counter the growth of mildew and fungus
  • Eggshell – velvety soft in appearance with better stain-resistance than flat
  • Satin – satin finishes such as that of Island Life offers a premium, pearl-like appearance with low odor and anti-microbial properties
  • Semi-gloss – suited for outdoor application with color fade resistance, and great resistance to weathering
  • Hi-gloss or Gloss – although it tends to highlight surface imperfections, this type of paint sheen offers superb durability and washability.


The Must-Have Qualities of an Exterior House Paint


Because the exteriors are more exposed to damaging elements, you need paint that offers reliable resistance against these elements. Premium grade paint with hi-gloss or semi-gloss sheens are often packed with high-quality binders that work to keep your paint’s formula together. So, one factor you’ll have to heavily consider is your paint’s durability.



When it gets too hot outside, your surfaces expand; inversely, when it gets too cold, everything contracts. Your exterior house paint has to be flexible to go along with these extreme changes. If it’s not, some of the common paint mishaps to expect would be: peeling, cracking or blistering.


Color Retention

Chalking and premature color fading are another two of the paint problems you want to prevent. So, opt for a high-quality paint that guarantees outstanding color retention.


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