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Take a Seat: Here’s How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

Home Decorating Tips

Take a Seat: Here’s How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

Posted on November 29, 2018

A lot of people prefer getting wooden furniture because of its sustainability and durability. But like all things, wooden furniture will eventually show wear and tear. Don’t let the beautiful sheen of your wooden furniture go to waste! Know how to take care of wooden furniture with these Para Sure tips from Island Premium Paints.

Wooden Furniture Finishing: Tips and Tricks

Worried about the state of your wooden furniture?  Follow these easy tips and take care of your wooden furniture!

  • Handle with Care: Wood is a sturdy material, but it can also get damaged. Protect the surfaces of your wooden furniture by placing protective coverings over them. Tablecloths are a perfect example of combining form and function, protecting the surface of your wooden table from dust and other potential stains. Use coasters and potholders to avoid water rings on wooden surfaces.
  • Dust Often: Dusting is a household chore that is often overlooked, but doing it regularly on wooden furniture (and other surfaces) can slow down its deterioration. Dust can form a filmy layer that can scratch wooden surfaces when left unattended.  Frequent cleaning can help prevent this build-up.
  • Clean with Care: As high-quality wooden furniture can be a costly investment, it is best to know the proper way of cleaning your wooden furniture. Use soft cloth or dusters that are made from microfibers to avoid damage. Avoid using all-purpose cleaning agents on these surfaces, and opt to buy cleaners that are specifically made for wood.
  • Weather Out: Do not let the natural sheen of your wooden furniture fade. Protect your furniture from environmental factors such as heat, rain, and sunlight. Place your wooden furniture in areas that are not hit by direct heat or sunlight. Avoid placements near vents, fireplaces, or uncovered windows.
  • Treat and Repair: Assess the damage that your wooden furniture has sustained, and repair when needed. Take note of all the chips, stains, and scratches, as you may need to refinish your furniture. For a trusty repair job, use Natura Oil Wood Stain from Island Premium Paints. It is made from finely ground pigmented stains dissolved in an oil-based medium to enhance the colors of raw and unfinished wood. Prep and apply on the surface of your wooden furniture to enhance the natural wood grains visible on the surface.

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