Home Decorating Tips

Resolutions for Homemakers

Home Decorating Tips

Resolutions for Homemakers

Posted on January 17, 2017

Before 2017 shifts into full gear, take some time off of your home improvement schemes and dedicate half a day to quietly reflect and write down notes on last year’s happenings. How was your homemaking for the whole of 2016? Were you able to execute those house decoration ideas you’ve been wanting to try? Were they costly or just right? Were there other things you just didn’t have time to work on?

The good news is that what follows this reflection is a short time of laying out plans and what-may-be milestones for the home. Try out the 2017 color of the year, finally add house plants to the living room, convert that old storage room into a mini library—whatever it is that you have in mind, there will be time for it. Just make sure to neatly list them by priority and schedule.

Now, keep your notebook and take a couple of breaths. Clean your mind and get ready for some conditioning. Just as you have your lifestyle resolutions, there are those that you can commit to as a homemaker! What type of resolutions should a homemaker commit to this 2017? Try these examples:

No Space for Stress

Fact: cluttered spaces are eye sores. So let space be space, and make it a practice to hide away items that you won’t need anytime soon.

Be Realistic with Home Improvements

The Internet is a rich source of hacks, food gimmicks, house decoration ideas and home improvement suggestions you might want to try. While it’s a good thing that you are passionate in beautifying and improving your home, it’s important to be realistic in terms of the types of projects you want to do, and your timelines for each.

To avoid unfinished projects and spending too much, prioritize what the house needs and set feasible timings.

Turn Procrastination into Action

Procrastination is the creative’s biggest enemy. Even more true for the passionate homemaker. Once you’ve pinned down the right projects, get at it! By beating procrastination, you not only get to finish within the timeline you set, but you also get to do more.

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