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Try these Interior Paint Color Trends Before 2021 Ends

2021 interior paint color trends

Home Decorating Tips

Try these Interior Paint Color Trends Before 2021 Ends!

Posted on July 12, 2021

Any homemaker knows that the perfect time for a home or a room refresh is whenever you’re ready. And while most of the year may have gone by, it’s never too late to pull off a quick room makeover with any of the interior paint color trends for 2021! For your inspiration, read on to learn about colors that are a hit in this year’s interior design scene.

Why Design with Color Trends? 

Aside from the annual occasions and seasons (plus the traditions that come with them), you can expect the 4th quarter of every year to be filled with forecasts and predictions on trends in terms of fashion, beauty, design, and decor, among other fields. One of the most anticipated, for example, is Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement that usually happens every December. This yearly event sets off a series of marketing activities with companies in various industries picking up on the crowned color of the year, and coming up with their own versions and collections.

But why is there a color for every year? Can’t there be a standard palette that you can just choose from or check-in with for creative choices? There are safe color choices that you can go with, but if you want a design that makes a statement, you’ll have to go with one that’s relevant. And to be relevant, you have to check with what’s trending.

Interior Paint Color Trends 2021: A Response to the Year Before

Just as every Pantone Color of the Year is grounded on current events and issues, the interior paint color trends for 2021 are a collection of moods and desires that are, generally, a response to the messy and chaotic year that 2020 has been. 

Set by Pantone’s chosen colors of the year, 2021 is hopeful. What are the interior paint color trends for 2021? Here are a few to inspire you for your interior home projects.

Notes from Nature

With most locked up in their homes, 2020 forced us to be creative in terms of celebrating occasions, reporting to work, redefining what a vacation is, and reaching out to loved ones, all in the comforts of our homes. That’s why it’s no surprise that there is a longing to incorporate the colors of nature into interior spaces.

Especially here in the Philippines, 2021 still has us spending more time at home, and these natural, positive tones are sure to the coziness of your interiors.


The color of wood and earth, brown conveys a sense of coziness, comfort, and security. While softer and a little laidback when put in comparison to the sophistication of gray and black, brown holds well as the main shade in a color scheme.

Island Premium Paints shade to try: 
Lava Stone, Charmoisse, Snail Shell


Probably the first color that comes to mind when one thinks of “nature”, green can be calming such as the gauzy, soft shade featured in the photo. Green can also be warmer and energizing with a kick of yellow — a perfect color for home offices.

Island Premium Paints shade to try: 
Bergamot, Apple Green, Paris Green


Ever wonder why blue is often the go-to color for bedrooms? Because blue is naturally soothing, whatever shade of it you choose to go with. It’s even been proven to reduce stress by slowing down the heart rate! 

Island Premium Paints shade to try: 
Bondi Blue, Zaffre, Skyline


The chirpy color of freedom and positivity, yellow is often used in rooms such as nurseries, playrooms, and studies. It’s also often used in kitchens and spaces where much creativity and imagination needs to keep flowing.

Island Premium Paints shade to try: 
Egg yolk, Florets, Royal Yellow

Timeless Neutrals 

Whatever the season, whatever the times, neutrals will always be in. In fact, one of 2 colors of the year is one! In a time such as today, neutrals offer a familiar, grounded feeling of comfort. Check out this sample neutral color for your home. 


Goodbye stark white, hello chalky white! This clean to off-white shift is associated with the general desire to create a more cozy ambiance at home. It’s all about creating bright, airy but also warm, soft, and inviting spaces.

Island Premium Paints shade to try: 
Cottony White, Chalk White, Powder Talc

Pantone Colors of the Year

For 2021, there’s not just one but two colors of the year! Pantone makes an interesting pair out of Ultimate Gray and a vibrant yellow called Illuminating. Together, these colors produce a contrast that’s hopeful, solid, and enduring. 


Perfectly capturing the steady yet positive mindset of the world, the gray and yellow in the photo paints a balanced character that works well in any interior space.

Island Premium Paints shade to try: 
Limestone, Maize

Make sure to pull off these interior paint color trends of 2021 with the right paint, and a rich variety of color choices. Island Prima by Island Premium Paints is a pure acrylic-based paint with 30 premixed colors and 2 color series swatches of 240 special mixed colors!

Gather more color ideas and inspirations with home improvement and home decorating features from Island Premium Paints. Island Premium Paints is the first and only local paint with a Product Satisfaction Guarantee.


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