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For the Home: Feng Shui Tips for 2017

Home Decorating Tips

For the Home: Feng Shui Tips for 2017

Posted on January 30, 2017

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster, and if you’re scheduled to do a little home improvement or prepped up to renew your house decoration, there’s no perfect time than Chinese New Year. Before a run-down of some 2017 feng shui tips for the home, here’s a short intro on Feng shui.

What is Feng Shui?

The term “Feng shui” is one of those terms you hear a lot of during new years. But what does it mean, really? More importantly, does it work?

Feng shui is an approach or practice in interior design, where the idea is that the home mirrors what is inside the homemaker or home owner. It is also believed in feng shui that all things, alive or not, project energy, and that the ultimate goal is to align and harmonize them with yours.

You harness and manage the energy flow by being mindful of what you bring in, how you arrange your furniture pieces and rooms, and how you maintain or keep the place.

2017 Feng Shui for the Home

Now there’s no need to have renovations done, or to spend for the replacement of your current furniture pieces. Let’s work with what you have, and what can easily be done!

  • Start off with a clean home. Clear your spaces of the dirt and clutter of yesteryear! This is to ensure that the feng shui energy is clear, fresh and freely roaming.
  • House decoration with plants and flowers always invites air and life into the home. Drop by the nearest plant store for these Chinese New year and feng shui favorites:
    • Chrysanthemum – its lively yellow flower is not only eye-catching, but the color is also associated with a life of ease.
    • Plum Blossom – its flowers signify purity, and symbolizes good fortune and longevity.
    • Bamboo – symbolizes durability and endurance, and is believed to ward off bad spirits. Plant near the front of the home to filter energy flow and invite positive Chi.
  • Red is the no-fail color of energy and luck. Adding accents or pops of red to your living spaces should add depth to your rooms and welcome the blessings of 2017.
  • Consider adding these house decoration ideas, based on your animal sign.
    • Rat
      • A monkey riding a horse figurine should provide your fortune a boost.
    • Ox
      • Business and career should benefit from a phoenix decor.
    • Tiger
      • A 168 arowana painting will bring wonderful rebound in all aspirations!
    • Rabbit
      • Arowana and turtle pets reel in protection from  harms or illnesses, including heartbreaks.
    • Dragon
      • Rooster, phoenix decor or images bring brisk career and business returns.
    • Snake
      • Career and business should prosper with phoenix or rooster lucky charms, while a pet turtle or images of a turtle should help in bringing Mr. or Ms. Right to light.
    • Horse
      • Overcome all challenges this year with the help of a figurine of a monkey riding a horse figurine.
    • Sheep
      • Boost your career and business luck with a sarimanok Asian or Muslim decor.
    • Monkey
      • As a doubleheader to boost both love and fortune, the 168 arowana painting will give the extra booster!
    • Rooster
      • A phoenix or rooster decor will enhance business and career.
    • Dog
      • Your interests are protected when you add a rooster or phoenix decor to your home.
    • Pig
      • A 168 arowana painting should level up your solid gains to the max!

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