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Step-by-step: Repainting an Already Painted Wall

how to paint over painted walls

Home Decorating Tips

Step-by-step: Repainting an Already Painted Wall

Posted on February 2, 2017

A paint job should be easy and doable, especially if you’re patient and tactful. Repainting a wall that’s previously painted shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, as well. Here is a step-by-step on how to repaint an already painted wall.

1. Prep I: Clean Up

A large bulk of the repainting job lies in this first step which, essentially, means prepping your wall for its new paint. Cracks, dents, wholes and other forms of surface imperfections are unsightly and will definitely make impressions on your topcoat. So best get rid of them! And here’s how:

  • Rinse off grease and dirt by washing with a sponge and tap water.
  • Fill in holes and cracks with patching materials such as Natura Wood Filler, a flexible filler for wood.
  • Seal the filler or the patching material by sanding with a drywall pole sander. This should also help smooth your surface.

2. Prep II: Protect

When you’ve finished warding off surface imperfections, it’s time to lay down your canvass sheets or drop cloths. Position these on the walls you’ll be painting on. This will make clean up after your paint project easy.

Protect the edges of the walls, all corners and moldings by using blue painter’s tape.

3. Primer

While many homemakers think that it’s wise and it saves time to skip this step, most are not sure about that.

We recommend priming before painting whether for a new drywall or over a colored wall. Why? Primarily for its three main functions:

  • It blocks stains from bleeding through, especially
  • It improves spreadability
  • It enhances paint adhesion which lessens the chances of cracking and peeling

 4. Apply Your Topcoat

The fun part of the project? Actually painting with the color of your choice! And if you went with using trusted primer first, then you’ll probably need just one coat of your new color on the walls. Quick tip: paint with natural light or daylight to see your paint’s true shade.

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