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Red & Green Color Combo

red and green color scheme for home

Home Decorating Tips

Red & Green Color Combo

Posted on January 17, 2017

Taking your home to a bold new level does not necessarily mean buying new furniture pieces in the latest design, or having expensive renovations done to your home. Sometimes, all you need is to experiment and play mix-match with colors!

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are combinations for the bold and lively. Also called complementary, these are colors that are directly or almost directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Especially if you know how to balance or break the intensity, contrasting colors will work together to energize any living space.

Red & Green Combo

If you’re going for a contemporary warm yet empowering vibe, red and green are just one of many contrasting colors you might want to consider. Here’s why:


When you think of colors that are strong and powerful, red is usually one of those colors, if not top of mind. Red can be relied on to evoke emotions, pump adrenaline into your nerves and stimulate interaction. No color makes a statement, and says it in a big way like red.

At the same time, red can be flexible. With subtle tweaks in lighting, a stimulating red accent wall in a bedroom can be muted and transformed into a rich and elegant feature.


Dubbed the most restful color for the eye, green puts together the refreshing character of blue and the chirpy vibe of yellow. It’s the color for rooms and spaces where you want to cool down and unwind with the comfort and company of loved ones.

Red & Green Color Suggestions

Now, before you dismiss the scheme as too jolly and too Christmas-y, know that there are less intense shades that fall under the color combo. Take these samples:


Go for a sophisticated rustic look with rusty red and forest green. Let your wooden furniture complement and soften the traditional color scheme.


Avoid turning your space into a holiday room. A rich palette of red, green and chocolate brown with white accents is just what you need to make a room work all year round.


Deep red browns with copper accents and contrasting shades of teal makes for an intriguing color combo with a sense of familiarity.

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