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Quirky Living Room Colors to Play Around With

modern living room paint colors to play around

Home Decorating Tips

Quirky Living Room Colors to Play Around With

Posted on June 2, 2016

Did you know that there are crazy color combinations that actually work? It might sound silly when you think about it but when the finished product reveals itself; it actually makes up a pretty good combination. These quirky and funny colors can make any living room shine–and maybe raise a curious eyebrow in the process. It’s definitely a unique experience altogether. Still confused (and maybe a little curious) about these unusual living room color ideas? When you tinker with the colors, you’ll get a good grasp on these crazy colors.

Here are quirky living room color ideas for your home!

  1. Dark Red and Bergamot
    dark red bergamot
    In a simple sense, Dark Red and Bergamot is a color combination for the Yuletide Season. Admittedly,it’s not a living room color idea that would easily come to mind. However, this dynamic duo can still create an amazing contrast in one’s home without the help of Christmas. The quirky combo is aesthetically exciting without being exhausting to the eyes because the green, while still dominant, is in a desaturated shade different from the usual Yuletide fare, and the red shows up as a strong supporting accent.


  1. Wrought Iron and Hot Pink
    wrought iron hot pink
    Wrought Iron being a dark and brooding color and Hot Pink being a bright and welcoming accent seems like the most unlikely combination for living room color ideas; however, if combined correctly, these two can bring out a unique living room color combination. The Hot Pink color lightens up the dullness of the black set-up while the Wrought Iron makes the Hot Pink color stand out.


  1. Camellia and Brigadoon
    camellia bridgoon
    The two colors might look overwhelming and imbalanced, but if combined, Camellia and Brigadoon can give a regal vibe to your living room. Depending on your taste, you can choose which accent will dominate the living room, as it can both produce a beautiful result with the right application.

Living Room

  1. Bergamot and Pigment Green
    bergamot bergamot

    This combination is a subtle neon festival that radiates with loudness and funk. But don’t be confused, Bergamot and Pigment Green are not colors you can easily get tired of. You can play around with the tones so it can lighten or darken your living room color combination to add variety and flavor. Tinker around with the dynamic duo to pull off a calm yet awesome living room color setup.

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