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No Need for a Proxy: Epoxy Paint 101

what is epoxy paint and how to apply it

Home Decorating Tips

No Need for a Proxy: Epoxy Paint 101

Posted on May 21, 2019

Going to a hardware store to pick your paints can be overwhelming. Still, each paint has its own purpose. Epoxy paints are no exception. Know what makes epoxy paint unique, and have some Para Sure tips on how you can use it in your own home.

What is Epoxy Paint?
Tough and hard-wearing, this paint can be used on almost any surface. Epoxy paint is widely used in industrial fields because of its ability to resist scratching and grazing. It is also perfect for some areas of your home where there’s high traffic to prevent wear and tear.

How to Use Epoxy Paint
Epoxy paint behaves differently than other normal house paints, so it’s best to know how to work with it. Here are some handy tips to remember if you are planning to use epoxy paint in your future projects.

  • Clean up your surface! Epoxy paint can sometimes bubble and run, so applying it on a clear surface is important to ensure that it performs well. Wipe the surface and make sure that the wall is completely dry before applying the paint.
  • Epoxy paint comes in two components: the epoxy resin and the hardener. Because of its formulation, these two elements must be mixed prior to application. Stir the contents of the can well before application to prevent bubbling and to avoid air pockets from forming. Stir the contents of the can once in a while to ensure that the epoxy paint’s components stay together.

Where to Use Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint can work to your advantage if you know where and how to use it. Here are some home areas that can use some epoxy paint loving:

  • Garage: If you like tinkering around with tools or cars, using epoxy paint on the floors of your garage can help prevent the concrete from oil stains, tire tracks, and other automotive fluids.
  • Kitchen: Lessen your worries about stained countertops by using epoxy paint on your surfaces! Epoxy paint can help protect from discoloration brought by coffee stains, oil splatters, and the chemicals used in cleaning your kitchen.
  • Bathrooms: As epoxy paint is durable and resistant to moisture, using it in bathrooms is a popular option. Avoid water damage or damage from air moisture with this hardy paint.

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