Home Decorating Tips

Home Decorating Tips

Quick Tips: Painting on a Schedule

Posted on November 29, 2018

Working on a tight schedule and need quick drying paint tips? The ’ber months bring unpredictable weather as the Philippines transitions into the colder months of the year. Get a quality paint job done with high-quality paint! Here’s what you need to know for quick and hassle-free painting with Island Premium Paints.

Quick Painting Tips

Save yourself the wait! Get the job done with these handy painting tips.

  • Inspect the Surfaces: Your walls are your canvas for your project, and it is as important as the type of paint you are going to use. Do not forget to prep the surface you are going to paint by making sure you seal visible cracks and patch up holes. Ensure you have clean surfaces. Use a primer before applying your initial coat of paint.
  • Start at the Middle: Starting at the edge can make you hyper-focused on getting that initial paint swipe right for the first time. Instead, begin at the middle of the wall, round 4-6 inches from the inside corners. This method is more forgiving of any mistake you may make, as any excess paint you might have loaded onto your brush or roller easier to spread from the middle of the wall than the inside corners.
  • Paint Lightly: Painting light coats on the walls helps the paint adhere to the surface faster. Multiple coats can also give a more uniform appearance, rather than immediately painting a thick coat of paint.
  • One Wall at a Time: Do not be overwhelmed! Focus your attention on finishing one wall at a time. This helps you keep track on the number of coats you apply on each wall. It also gives the paint a chance to dry as you start on the next wall.
  • Perfect Match: Research what kind of paint would work best for the surface you are going to paint. For quick drying paint, why not try out ColorQuick Quick Dry Enamel Paint from Island Premium Paints? Suitable for both wood and metal surfaces, it is specially formulated to provide a durable and high-gloss finish. In addition, it also has weather-resistant properties excellent for interior and exterior surfaces. Quick dry paint? Para sure, try out Island Premium Paints!

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