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Surface Preparation with Island Super Kinis Skim Coat

Home Decorating Tips

Surface Preparation with Island Super Kinis Skim Coat

Posted on November 1, 2017

A good paint job starts with good surface preparation. But if it takes too much time, why do we go through the trouble of cleaning, washing and leveling surfaces, when we can just go straight to the fun part of painting? Here’s why.

Surface Preparation and Why it’s Important

Surface preparation is the essential first step in painting and in other coating processes. It directly affects paint’s adhesion. Dirt and debris become tiny obstructions to paint’s adhesion to your surface, and with poor adhesion, premature paint failures such as cracks and peels happen. On another layer, dents and chips won’t magically disappear by painting over them, won’t they? In fact, with certain paint finishes near high-gloss, dents and chips get magnified or become even more noticeable.

By ensuring and reinforcing paint’s adhesion to your surface, surface preparation secures that your paint project should last long.

The General Rules in Surface Preparation

The specifics vary across sources, but these non-negotiables are constant:

  • Washing and scrubbing thoroughly makes sure that your surface is clean and free of dirt. If your surface was previously coated with high-gloss paint, you will need to sand it off.
  • Make sure that your surface is dry. If you washed your surface, mop it dry and wait at least 4 hours before your primer. Is it a good idea to paint during the rainy season? Consider these points.
  • Generally, the ideal temperature should be above 50 degrees.

Sanding, Patching, Filling Holes

Unless intended for decorative purposes, dents, chips and lumps are unsightly and may come off as flaws. So make sure to smooth out rough spots by sanding, and fill cracks and holes by skim coating.

Island Paints’ Island Super Kinis Skim Coat

A fast-setting, cement-based compound, Island Super Kinis Skim Coat provides a smooth finish to interior & exterior concrete surfaces. Its properties include the following:

  • Reinforced durability due to excellent bonding strength
  • Waterproof due to good hydrophobicity
  • Completely levelled gaps due to excellent filling property

Surface preparation is never quick, but utilizing the right tools such as Island Super Kinis Skim Coat definitely lightens the task and makes sure that your paint job lasts long.

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