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Welcome to the Jungalow Trend

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Home Decorating Tips

Welcome to the Jungalow Trend

Posted on July 11, 2015

It may be gray and dull outdoors with all the rain, winds and elements that come with the rainy season, but indoors can be a different story. If you’re one who likes browsing blogs and articles on what’s new in interior design, chances are you’ve read of the Jungalow Trend. Combining a relaxed and modern style, the Jungalow is flexible and adjustable as it encourages the recreation of a festive bohemian look with fixtures that you already have.

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For the Green-minded

Get your green friends out of the rain and into your home, because the Jungalow is all about creating your own indoor jungle. Plants have a natural way of making places look and feel lived-in and breathing. Your usual spots for plants would be your room corners, on side tables and on shelves. But know there’s no guideline or limit on where to place them. In fact, if there is one rule in this aspect of the design trend, it’s to be creative with placement. The goal is to create layers of lush greens with a play on height.

Play with Patterns and Personality

Bright pops of color, patterns, and pieces from your existing collection infuse the trend with a laid-back, more personal feel. A simple way of achieving this is by throwing in a patterned rug, or dressing up your throw pillows with cases textured with ethnic-inspired designs. The Jungalow trend encourages you to use what you have, and use them to tell your story. Your old vases, wall hangings, and mementos will definitely be of use.

Balanced with Neutral

The challenge with the trend is to not overdo and not overdecorate. The trick: light neutral backgrounds to tie the elements together. Keep your walls, ceilings and big pieces of furniture plain or with a very light texture. Natural light helps in keeping your elements balanced, so have your windows bare and free of thick curtains.

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